Monday, 31 October 2011

Exclusive – Paying a Real Tribute to George

On November 29, performers and fans from around the world will be gathering in Liverpool to pay tribute to George Harrison.

In addition to a concert in the Cavern Club in the evening (tickets still available; see below for details), St George’s Hall will host the Free Concert for George during the afternoon. Although the concert is free, entry is by ticket only and the sad news – unless you’re one of the lucky ones to already get a ticket – is that all the tickets have now been allocated.

The really wonderful thing about this concert, though, is that none of the performers are being paid for their appearance at this event. They are participating solely because they want to be able to pay tribute to George, and perhaps, in their own way, give something back to a man who has been such a positive influence in their, and our, lives. Not only that, but the organiser of the event has confirmed that Jeff Slate and Brute Force are flying in at their own expense from New York!

That George can inspire such generosity of time and spirit is further evidence of why he merits such tributes. It is not just his talent and music that will be honoured on November 29. As the organiser of the Free Concert for George told the BBFC, “It is indeed a measure of the man that they seek to show their love and admiration for George - and that is why it is the way it is.”

The line-up for this great event (though still subject to change) is:

Tsema (from Liverpool)
The Rebels (from Oxford and Bath)
Singh Strings (from Leicester)
The Liverpool Ukelele Orchestra
The Mersey Beatles
The Radha Krishna Temple (from Hertfordshire and probably Scotland too)
Jeff Slate (New York)
Brute Force (New York) backed by Misty's Big Adventure (Birmingham)
Andre Barreau (London)
Compere: Mike Byrne (Liverpool)

However it is not just the performers who deserve thanks for making this wonderful event possible. Also worthy of a round of applause are:

The Hard Day’s Night Hotel (for providing accommodation for Jeff Slate and Brute Force)
Premier Apartments Liverpool
The Lord Mayor’s Office (for agreeing that the flag over St George’s Hall should be flown at half-mast in honour of George)

St George's Hall
Liverpool City Council
Bill Heckle of Cavern City Tours
The Hare Krishnas, who will be feeding the Artistes, Crew and Audience for free after the Free Concert

Although all the tickets have been allocated for the Free Concert For George, tickets are still available for the tribute concert that will be held in the Cavern Club in the evening, with many of the same performers who will be appearing in the afternoon. For more details, or to buy tickets, visit the Cavern Club website by clicking here

Friday, 28 October 2011

Stuart Sutcliffe Fan Club Launched

“Fifth Beatle” Stuart Sutcliffe’s Life and Talents to be Celebrated with New Official Fan Club

With the public’s renewed interest in the “Fifth Beatle” Stuart Sutcliffe – whose story has been brought to life in the West End play, Backbeat – Stuart’s sister Pauline is launching the official Stuart Sutcliffe Fan Club.

Membership of the fan club is free, and members will receive a regular newsletter from Pauline Sutcliffe, as she opens her archives of Stuart’s work. Beatles fans all over the world will be able to see more of, and learn much about his prodigious talent, not just for music, but for his art and writing too.

In addition to knowing more about Stuart, fans who are artists and writers are encouraged to submit their creative work so that it can be showcased: something Stuart would have wanted.

Stuart’s importance to The Beatles cannot be underestimated. John Lennon called Stuart his “alter-ego”; “a spirit in (his) world” and “a guiding force”. Lennon said: “I looked up to Stu; I depended on him to tell me the truth. Stu would tell me if something was good and I’d believe him.”

Pauline Sutcliffe says:

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the official Stuart Sutcliffe Fan Club - can you believe it has taken almost 50 years?  

David Bedford (author of Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles - an amazingly original book and "must buy" for all Beatle fans), has honoured us by agreeing to head up this very exciting endeavour. He will be backed up by artist Sherry Liscio who has her finger on the USA pulse, and they cannot wait to get up and running.

The Autumn of 2011 sees the opening of the play, Backbeat, at the Duke of York's theatre in London's West End - the executive producer is Karl Sydow who is renowned throughout the theatre world for his phenomenal productions - so how proud are we to be working with him! Backbeat will hopefully head to Broadway next year.

The international art tour "In Conversation with Stuart Sutcliffe" opens in Liverpool in 2012 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Stuart's death. It's hard to believe, isn't it, that the Beatles entered all our lives and thrilled and delighted us all - all those years ago and continues to do so today. I'm sure they would all pay tribute to every one of you deeply loving and loyal fans who have kept their names at the forefront of everything rock-n-roll over several generations.

Without the love and support of the fans, his work, both as a Beatle and as a phenomenally talented painter would not be in the forefront of hundreds of thousands of people's lives - I counted 1.5 million references via Google last time I looked - without your loyal and loving support.

Diane Vitale (our director) and I will work closely with David at all times to keep you absolutely in touch with all things Stuart painter and Beatle. Recently, we the Estate have joined with CMG Worldwide who is now Stuart's licensing and branding agent - isn't it a coincidence that James Dean is also represented by them! Together with Diane we will continue to manage all other matters to do with Stuart.”

To join the fan club, visit

About Stuart Sutcliffe:
  • Stuart Victor Fergusson Sutcliffe was born on 23 June 1940 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • His family moved to Liverpool soon after. He has two sisters, Pauline and Joyce.
  • He was introduced to John Lennon at the Liverpool College of Art by Bill Harry, editor of Mersey Beat.
  • After one of his paintings was purchased by John Moores, he was able to purchase a bass guitar and joined the group with John, Paul and George, appearing as Johnny and the Moondogs.
  • In tribute to Buddy Holly’s Crickets, Stuart suggested the name “Beetles” for the group.
  • He went with John, Paul, George and Pete Best to Hamburg in August 1960.
  • When the rest of the group returned to Liverpool, Stuart stayed with his new girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr.
  • In 1961, he gave up his place in The Beatles to concentrate on his art, being accepted into the Hamburg State School of Art under Eduardo Paolozzi.
  • He died on 10 April 1962 from a bleed on the brain.
For more information, email

Official Stuart Sutcliffe Art, Artifacts and Memorabilia

About Backbeat
Backbeat is the story of the relationships between Stuart Sutcliffe, Astrid Kirchherr and John Lennon. It is on at the Duke of York Theatre in London from 24 September.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ten Years On -- Liverpool Remembers George Harrison

From the Cavern website:

50 years ago, in 1961, a cheeky 18 year old lad from Wavertree in Liverpool, spent many hours with his band at The Cavern Club. That band of course were The Beatles and they went on to play, in total, 292 times at this legendary venue.

On 29th November we celebrate the life of that 18 year old lad from Wavertree - George Harrison. George left behind a huge legacy of music and philosophy for us to remember him by.

We use this music and philosophy in a very special programme on the tenth anniversary of his passing. From the opening notes to the ones that close this will be no ordinary evening.

Joining us are Brute Force (with whom George recorded "King of Fuh" on the very day he walked out on The Beatles on 10 January 1969), Arthur Kelly (his best friend from the Institute who has stories to share that were only known to George and himself), The Rebels (originally George's first band with Arthur now revisited by a band of young musicians from Oxford for this one day only), Singh Strings (who will provide us with a taste of the music George loved so much from India), The Mersey Beatles (Liverpool's own best loved Beatle Tribute Band), Tsema (a young soloist with the voice of an angel to cast a very different slant on one of George's best loved "tunes" - as he would call them) and Andre Barreau of the Bootleg Beatles (who we are honoured will be our solo George for the night).

Finally, we will also be playing host to the Radha Krishna Temple (Hare Krishnas). Every 29th November since 2001, they have held an “Evening for George” at the magnificent house he gave to them in 1973 - but on this special anniversary will be chanting for him in his hometown.

George said "You can have my love, you can have my smiles. Forget the bad parts, you don't need them. Just take the music, the goodness, because its the very best, and it's the part I give most willingly."

Tickets for this wonderful event are selling fast.  To make sure you don't miss out, click here to buy your ticket now!

The Lord Mayor's Office in Liverpool is making a very special contribution too by arranging for the flag on St George's Hall will fly at half-mast on November 29 in memory of George.  Not only that, St George's Hall will host a free concert on the afternoon of November 29.  Entry is by ticket only and, not surprisingly, they all were quickly snapped up by George's many fans. 

The fact that so many world-class artists are appearing at a free event says everything about the lasting influence and legacy of George Harrison.  For those lucky enough to have a ticket and share the wonderful music, feelings of love, and warm memories, it is sure to be an experience that is always remembered and always cherished, as indeed we will always remember and cherish George.

For more information, visit the 'For George' website by clicking here

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Film Locations -- The City Barge

27 Strand On The Green
W4 3PH

The City Barge stands on the banks of the River Thames in Chiswick and was the location used in the film “Help!” in 1965 by The Beatles.

Being pursued by Klang, The Beatles found refuge in the pub and Ringo famously ordered “Two lagers and lime and two lagers and lime”.

Filming took place on Saturday April 24th 1965 at the pub and the tow path.

Many Beatle fans visit this pub, and whilst it isn’t in Central London, it is well worth a visit, with nearby Chiswick House (where The Beatles filmed “Paperback Writer” and “Rain” videos in 1966), and just across the river the famous tow path where Ringo was hit by the tyre whilst on his walkabout in “A Hard Day’s Night”. Indeed at the start of the path, if you look across the river there are the tower block featured on the re-master cover of George’s “All Things Must Pass album”.

You can spend a Beatle day in the area and visit the pub for lunch with its wonderful wide choice of food.

Originally called “The Navigators Arms” when built in 1484, it was re-named in the in the 19th century as the Lord Mayor of London used to moor his grand barge outside.

With a large car park, outside seating in both the front and back, it remains pretty much unaltered since The Beatles filmed here. Of course, next to the pub is the alleyway also used in the film “Help!” Some fans even recreate that scene with their own cameras.

The internal scenes in the pub were shot in the film studio, including where Ringo falls through the floor and meets the tiger. Being close to the river, the City Barge doesn’t have that cellar under the pub, and you have no fears of meeting the tiger.

At the re-launch of “Help!” on DVD in 2007, the BBFC held an event there and Victor Spinetti entertained us with his stories from those great days. Victor, of course, was the mad scientist in the film.

Our fan club “Mad Day Outers” are known to frequent the venue often, the latest visit being in June 2011 (unless they have been since and didn’t send me an invite!).

A friendly atmosphere awaits you at this wonderful riverside pub- good food, great ale and you are also on the site of a famous Beatle film location- what more could a Beatle fan want?

Ernie Sutton

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Quarrymen Join the Campaign to Save Woolton Baths

On October 19, the Quarrymen performed at the Royal British Legion Hall in Woolton. Their show, as always, was a privilege to watch. The three original members of John Lennon’s Quarrymen – Rod Davis, Len Garry and Colin Hanton – accompanied by Owen Clayson on the double bass, performed two sets of skiffle and rock ‘n’ roll classics and entertained the crowd with their memories of John and the early days of playing in the band.

It’s always a thrill to watch the Quarrymen perform but this show was extra-special. The Quarrymen have joined the campaign to save Woolton Swimming Baths, the historic Victorian plunge baths where both John Lennon and Paul McCartney swam as children.

The baths were closed last year as part of the local government’s cost-cutting efforts but two youngsters were determined that they weren’t going to lose this vital recreation facility without a fight.

Jake Sullivan, aged 11, and Elian McClements, 10, organised a petition demanding that the pool be re-opened.  Jake described how on hearing of the closure he felt something needed to be done to save the community facility: “We decided that as a school we needed to fight the closure, so I emailed our headmaster, who agreed to help as best he could.  We also emailed local councillors and I decided to gather a petition at school to try and get as many signatures as possible.  We got 947 signatures brought back to the school from other people in our school, and now it’s nearer to 2,000.”

Led by the two boys, and TV presenter, Simon O’Brien, the campaign gathered momentum; the boys even addressed a full meeting of the council at Liverpool Town Hall.

Jake and Elian onstage with the Quarrymen

In the year since the pool closed, the campaign has gone from strength to strength. The appearance of the Quarrymen at this special fundraiser – all of whom had fond memories of swimming in the baths when they were children – is testament to that.

The Baths are not just important because of their history, or their connection with the Beatles. The Baths are a vital part of the local community. As Elian told Liverpool council, “Our swimming pool may be over 100 years-old and old-fashioned, but our community loves it and we will fight to get it open again. Our school used to walk to the pool regularly. We think it’s very important to keep our baths open, as it’s much-loved and much-used.” Indeed, in the financial year before the baths were closed, council figures showed that there were over 77,000 visits to the pool – an average of nearly 1500 a week.

Simon O’Brien, the ex-Brookside star, who the boys invited to participate in the campaign, added: “Yes, it costs, but we think its usage justifies the cost. This is a pool that taught Olympic bronze medallist, Stephen Parry and Beatles legend, John Lennon how to swim. These baths are part of this great city’s golden history.”

At the concert on Wednesday, Simon revealed that there is every reason to be hopeful that the baths will re-open, but warned that the fight is not over yet.  If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause, and not only help to save a piece of Beatles history, but also something that is so important to present and future residents of Woolton and the surrounding area, click here

To find out more about the campaign to Save Woolton Baths, visit the website by clicking here

British Beatles Fan Club Regional Groups

Hello BBFC members,
We are looking for regional leaders to co-ordinate Beatle get togethers in their area*.
Meet other fans in your area for get togethers for local concerts, quiz nights, or just a get together at the local pub, or night spot.
If you would like to become involved, please contact for more information and register your interest.
*We are starting with the UK at present, and then will expand these groups in the future. Do please still e-mail from outside the UK to express your interest in these future world wide groups.

Lennon NYC Out on DVD!

When The Beatles split up in 1970, John Lennon found himself carrying the weight of public adoration and expectation, as the break-up of the world’s most influential band left a hole at the centre of popular culture that he was expected to fill. Leaving his native Britain in 1971, he travelled – as so many had before him – to the city of New York for the chance of a new life. As with so many immigrants to the Big Apple, Lennon sought freedom: freedom to be himself, to leave the Beatles behind and to live his life as a husband, father and artist.

This feature-length documentary, produced with complete support from Yoko Ono, tells the definitive story of Lennon’s solo career and the artistic choices he made in his new adopted city. Featuring access to never-before-seen material from the Lennon archives, rare recordings of some of his greatest solo hits and interviews with the likes of Yoko Ono, Elton John and Ringo Starr, this is the ultimate portrait of John Lennon in his post-Beatle years.

• This intimate, feature-length film includes interviews and footage of Lennon that has never before been publicly seen.

• Contains newly recorded interviews with Yoko Ono, Elton John, David Geffen and many others.

• Features rare recordings of classic solo material including Mind Games, Whatever Gets You Thru The Night and the timeless classic Imagine.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review: Elvis and Us -- Beatles Story Pier Head

The new exhibition at The Beatles Story Pier Head is jointly curated by the Beatles Story and Graceland, and unites music royalty from both sides of the Atlantic.

This fabulous and moving exhibition explains how and why Elvis was such an inspiration for the Beatles, and then highlights the parallels between their careers.

The story is told through a vast multi-media presentation.  First of all, the scene is set as the narrator – talking to the visitor through a set of personal headphones – describes the context of the 1950s, and the rise of the teenage phenomenon. 

Through the use of very clever technology, the audio input synchronises with the various video screens, which allows the inclusion of many different interviews without fear that the noise would get too much, or too confusing. 

And the interviews are great!  The original Quarrymen – Len Garry, Rod Davies and Colin Hanton, as well as John Duff Lowe who joined the band in 1958 – share their memories of growing up, playing in the band, and the way that all of them were influenced by American rock ‘n’ roll, and especially by Elvis.  Len Garry remembered that “Elvis came in and that was it”, and Colin Hanton agreed: “Elvis was the guy!”  Pete Best, who also features strongly in the interviews, remembered the impact that Elvis had on him, and said he “blew everyone away.”

And it’s easy to see why.  The exhibition moves on from 1950s’ Liverpool to focus on Elvis’ early years with a wonderful mix of video footage of Elvis, audio narration and interviews, and great memorabilia on show – including the shirt that Elvis wore in Jailhouse Rock!  The raw energy of the King is palpable, and it’s no wonder that he had such an influence on the young musicians in Liverpool.

The central feature of the exhibition is, of course, the day that the Beatles met Elvis in his Bel Air home.  The exhibits in this section were very special – and included the telegram that Colonal Parker sent to the Beatles on their arrival in the US in February 1964, as well as the telegram that Brian sent in return.  You can also see the bass guitar that Elvis was playing when the Beatles arrived at his home, and the pool table where Ringo kept himself amused as the others jammed, while on a large video screen, Priscilla Presley, Tony Barrow and Chris Hutchins recount the events of that historic meeting.

The final section of the exhibition explains how the Beatles and Elvis’ careers continued in parallel, with both representing their respective countries as cultural icons and ambassadors.  Some of Elvis’ stage suits are on display, and the music playing in the room includes Elvis’ cover of ‘Yesterday’, showing that the musical influences were not flowing all one way.

Despite the wonderful way that the story was told, and the fabulous items that make up the exhibition – some of which have never been on display before – my favourite part of the exhibition came in the final section.

One of the video screens showed footage from Elvis’ ’68 comeback show.  As I watched the screen, and listened to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll singing “If I Can Dream”, it seemed to sum up the whole exhibition.  For a boy from Tupelo, and four lads from Liverpool, dreams came true, and their dreams led to wonderful music that has brought happiness for millions around the world. 

This is a fabulous exhibition that is not to be missed if you’re in Liverpool! 
It will be at the Beatles Story Pier Head, Liverpool until October 4, 2013.

Opening times:
   Summer season: 9am to 7pm (last admission 6pm)
   Winter season: 10am to 6pm (last admission 5pm)
   Allow between an hour and an hour and a half for your visit.

For full details on prices (tickets are available for just the Elvis and Us exhibition, or as part of a combined ticket that includes all the attractions at the Beatles Story) visit the Beatles Story website.

All images c. Mark McNulty / Elvis and Us Exhibition and must NOT be reproduced without the express permission of the copyright holder.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

New Shop Item -- Genuine Abbey Road Street Sign!

This is your chance to own a genuine City of Westminster Abbey Road street sign!

The signs are produced under license from the City of Westminster, by the company who make all of Transport for London's underground signs. 

Preparation process

The signs are the same size -- 760mm x 437mm -- and design as used on the streets of the City of Westminster, and are handmade from enamel to the highest quality.

All signs are fired in a kiln
The signs are made by fusing glass particles to sheet metal. Colourfast and weather-proof, enamel signs are ideal for indoor or outdoor and require very little maintenance.

The retail price for the signs is £695, but we can offer them to members for the discounted price of £680.

The price includes P&P to the UK, but additional charges will apply to shipping abroad.

For further details on the street signs, visit the Transport for London

To order one of these very special souvenirs, click here to visit our shop or contact the BBFC Treasurer by clicking here!

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Beatles Story, Liverpool

The Beatles Story is the must-see attraction which offers visitors a unique insight into the life, times, culture and music of the Fab 4.  You'll be taken on an exciting journey, starting with a look at the childhoods of the Beatles in Liverpool, through to the early days of the band including Hamburg, to world domination and Beatlemania, followed by an in-depth look at their solo careers.
 Hear the story unfold through the enlightening 'Living History' audio guide, available in many different languages, and narrated by John Lennon's sister, Julia.

The Beatles Story is housed over two sites, so once you've experienced the magic of the Beatles at the Albert Dock, head over to our second home, Beatles Story Pier Head, in the Mersey Ferries Terminal, for our Fab4D Experience and world class Special Exhibitions.

Fab 4 Store

With two branches of the Fab4 Store, one on each site, you'll find everything from t-shirts, posters and books to unique gifts and limited edition merchandise.  You can also find the Fab4 Store online

Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone is a place for the whole family to get interactive.  Using the latest technology you can make your own Merseybeat newspaper, play the giant piano or create your own artwork in the style of John Lennon.  Awarded the Quality Badge by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

For school visits and National Curriculum links, download the resource pack by clicking here or call 0151 709 1963.

Fab4D Experience

The Fab4D Experience is an exciting adventure for all the family based at the Beatles Story Pier Head.  In our state-of-the-art theatre, you'll meet a whole host of curious characters as special effects create a spectacular 4D experience, taking you on a groovy trip through the music of the Beatles.

For the BBFC review of the Fab4D experience, click here


Open from 9am -6pm all year year, our unique Beatles-themed Starbucks is the perfect place to relax and refuel before continuing with your journey.  With free internet access, it's also the ideal venue for a business breakfast, lunch or meeting.

Special Exhibitions and Events

Set in unique surroundings, the Beatles Story Pier Head hosts world class Special Exhibitions.  Until October 2013, the Beatles Story, in partnership with Graceland, is presenting the globally significant exhibition, Elvis and Us, exploring how Elvis inspired the Beatles.

And don't miss the 'Hidden Gallery' of unseen Fab4 photos of Paul Berriff!  For more information on this wonderful collection of photographs, click here!

Our Family of Attractions

The Beatles Story, Mersey Ferries, Spaceport, U-Boat Story and Mersey Tunnel Tours are all part of the Merseytravel family.  While you're in Liverpool, why not make time to see another our our attractions.  Find out more at or call 0151 330 1000.

Visitor Information

The Beatles Story is open 7 days a week, all year round (excluding 25/26 December)

Opening Times:
   Summer season - 9am-7pm (last admission 5pm at Albert Dock, 6pm at Pier Head)
   Winter season - 10am-6pm (last admission 5pm at both sites)

For ticket information, please click here.

The Beatles Story is fully accessible for guests with wheelchairs and pushchairs.  Hearing loops and large print guides are available on request and guide dogs are permitted in all areas except the Fab4D Experience.

Large groups are welcome at the Beatles Story but must book in advance to take advantage of our discounted group rates.  For more information, or to book, call us on 0151 709 1963 or click here.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fab Four Competition!

To celebrate the re-launch of the BBFC website, dedicated to the Fab Four, we have a great competition with four fabulous prizes from the Beatles home town!

Four lucky winners will each win one of the following:

1. Bed and breakfast for two at the Hard Day's Night Hotel
 *some restrictions apply; see below

2. Two tickets for the Magical Mystery Tour, and two tickets to a Beatles Tribute Concert at the Cavern Club
*some restrictions may apply; see below

3. A family ticket (two adults and three children) to the Beatles Story

4.  A Limited Edition Art Print from the Beatles Shop, Mathew Street, hand signed and numbered by the artist, Maurice Cockrill 
(Retail price £60)

To win one of these fab four prizes, answer these questions:

1.  How many guest rooms are there in the Hard Day's Night Hotel?

2.  Complete this logo: "The Cavern Liverpool: the most ... "

3.  What is the name of the new special exhibition at the Beatles Story, Pier Head, that opened on October 5, 2011?

4.  When was Liverpool's world famous Beatles Shop established?

(Clue: if the questions have you stumped, check out the website for each organisation)

It's going to be hard to choose between four fab prizes, but that's what you have to do.  We're going to let the winners choose what they want!  Therefore, all correct entries received by the closing date will go into a prize draw; the first entry drawn at random will win the prize of their choice. The next correct entry will have the choice of the remaining three prizes; the third correct entry will choose from the remaining two prizes, and the fourth winning entry will receive the remaining prize.

To Enter

Entries must include:

1.  The answers to all four questions
2.  Your choice of prizes in order of preference (1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, 4th choice)
3.  Your BBFC Membership Number**
4.  Your contact details

The closing date for this competition is 5.00 pm on Tuesday November 8. 

Enter by email by clicking here

Or by post to:
BBFC Website Competition
c/o The Beatles Shop
31 Mathew Street
L2 6RE
United Kingdom

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

* Prizes can be taken on the date of your choice, subject to availability; hotel stay Sunday to Thursday only

**  This competition is ONLY open to BBFC Members.  Annual membership costs from £15.00 a year.  For more information, or to join, click here.  Competition entries that are submitted alongside membership applications will be accepted.

For all other terms and conditions, click here

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs -- Out on DVD!

George Harrison presents

Little Malcolm and his Struggle Against the Eunuchs
A film by Stuart Cooper

A mesmerising and furious performance from John Hurt, as delusional revolutionary Malcolm Scrawdyke, is at the heart of this chillingly dark comedy. Rarely seen in almost 40 years, it is released by BFI Flipside in a Dual Format Edition with thematically related archival short films and an extensive booklet with essays and contributions from Stuart Cooper and Mike Leigh.

Expelled art student Scrawdyke leads his Party of Dynamic Erection – with devoted followers Wick (John McEnery), Irwin (Raymond Platt) and Nipple (David Warner) – in an enraged battle against an unseen nemesis. Rosalind Ayres is both sensitive and ferocious as Malcolm’s would-be girlfriend Ann.

Based on the celebrated 1965 stage play by David Halliwell, Little Malcolm was filmed in 1974 on location in bleak, wintry Oldham by director Stuart Cooper (Overlord, The Disappearance) and cinematographer John Alcott (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining).

Financed by George Harrison, who had admired John Hurt’s lead performance in the play at the Garrick Theatre in 1965 (and preceding the launch of Harrison’s HandMade Films by five years), Little Malcolm was winner of the Silver Bear at the 1974 Berlin Film Festival. Music is by Stanley Myers (The Deer Hunter) with incidental music by George Harrison, and the film also features performances by Harpoon and Splinter.

Release date: 24 October 2011

Available from DVD retailers & the BFI Filmstore (Tel: 020 7815 1350 or )

or use the link below to order from Amazon

Monday, 10 October 2011

Paul -- On the Run to Europe, the UK ... and Liverpool!

On The Run – Tour Dates

For more details on the tour, visit the Paul McCartney website by clicking here!

Sunday 13th November Grand Prix Circuit, Yas Arena, Yas Island Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Saturday 26th November Unipol Arena, Bologna, Italy
Sunday 27th November Mediolanumforum, Milan, Italy
Wednesday 30th November Omnisport Arena, Bercy, Paris, France
Thursday 1st December Laxness Arena, Koln, Germany
Monday 5th December O2 Arena, London, England
Saturday 10th December The Globen, Stockholm, Sweden
Monday 12th December The Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
Wednesday 14th December The Olympinski Arena, Moscow, Russia
Monday 19th December The MEN Arena, Manchester, England
Tuesday 20th December The Echo Arena, Liverpool, England


UK tickets go on sale this Thursday (13 October) at 9am.
Box office details:
London The O2 Arena - 0844 856 0202
Manchester Evening News Arena - 0844 847 8000
Liverpool Echo Arena - 0844 8000 400
National - 0844 847 2450

Enjoy the ultimate fan experience with a Paul McCartney VIP package! 
Click here for more details.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Tribute Concert for George in London - November 26

Special Discount on Ticket Prices for BBFC  Members -- only £5.00!!

For more information visit the website:

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Charity Concert by the Quarrymen to Save Woolton Pool!

Save Woolton Pool Fund have organised a fund raising evening starring -

The event will take place at
Woolton British Legion Club from
8pm on Wednesday 19th October 2011.
Tickets are £15 each and are available from Brown's Newsagents and Fletcher's Tea Rooms in Woolton Village, or can be ordered by e-mailing

You can find further information on the campaign to Save Woolton Pool, or make a donation by clicking here

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

"Good Ol' Freda" -- Your chance to help!

Announcing the ‘Kickstart’ to a Long-Awaited Documentary for Beatles Fans Everywhere

Learn how you can help by clicking here to visit the kickstarter website

"Good Ol' Freda" is the untold story of Freda Kelly, the Beatles' trusted secretary and friend throughout their rise to fame…a genuine look into the life and times of the ultimate Beatles ‘insider.’

Freda Kelly lived the dream life of every Beatles fan. She was given a front row seat and got to know The Beatles when they first arrived onto The Cavern scene in Liverpool back in 1961 – even before they met their future manager, Brian Epstein. Freda was not only fortunate enough to be one of their earliest fans, but she also became very good friends with each of The Lads. In 1962, when Epstein started representing The Beatles, Freda was offered a job as his secretary and, as they say, the rest is history. She remained their loyal secretary throughout the entire ride.

The title “Good Ol’ Freda” comes from the famous line the Beatles shouted out on their 1963 Christmas record. The remark is in reference to Freda’s job of running The Official Beatles Fan Club, which under her management grew from just a hundred people in 1961 to over 70,000 worldwide by the end of The Beatles’ run.

The film is currently seeking funding, so the filmmakers are turning to Beatles fans to help them produce it. They are using, the largest ‘sponsor’ funded platform for creative projects in the world, as a way to involve Beatles fans worldwide in making the film a reality. Rewards given to donors on Kickstarter will range from DVDs of the documentary to signed pictures from Freda’s personal collection to Executive Producer credits on the film itself. By donating to the film, Beatles fans will have a chance to become a unique part of Beatles history.

A  fundraising goal of $50,000 must be met – Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method, where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands. In other words, if the filmmakers don’t raise the goal of $50,000, they lose everything. So please help spread the word! Contributions to “Good Ol’ Freda” can be made from October 3 to November 11, 2011. Easy to remember, 11-11-11!

Fans can donate and watch a video created specifically for them by clicking here 

Self-confessed "Beatles Fan and Freda Fan", Mark Naboshek fully supports the project.  He says:

"As you know, Freda Kelly worked for The Beatles for 10 years - from 1962 until 1972 - as their trusted confidante and fan club secretary. Since then, she has lived a quiet life, choosing not to exploit her Beatles connections despite repeated requests from fans to tell her story. Not even some of her closest friends and co-workers knew of her Beatles connection. She has always been a private individual and only this year decided to make her first-ever appearance as a guest at the Fest For Beatles Fans in New Jersey. 

She was overwhelmed by the response and has now had a change of heart, hoping to tell her story in the form of a filmed documentary. She's telling her story for the first time ever, partly because she wants her baby grandson to grow up knowing what his "granny" did in her youth. However, Freda needs the help of Beatles fans everywhere to make this project a reality.

You can make a donation to the film and get a reward in return (signed DVDs, photos of Freda with the Beatles, even lunch or a personal tour of Liverpool with Freda!) by clicking here

You can also watch the video (where Freda explains the project), read about the documentary and scroll down under "Back This Project" on the right-hand side to see how you can participate in and help make this documentary a reality. She has to reach the goal of $50,000 or more by November 11th or the project will not be funded. Freda is a working class woman - still employed as a secretary - so this fundraiser is necessary if the documentary is to happen.

As Beatles fan club secretary in the 1960s, Freda worked tirelessly to help out Beatles fans everywhere and make sure they were treated with respect.

It's payback time!

Donate $1 or $1,000 - whatever you can afford - and certainly spread the word to any Beatles fans whom you think would be interested in participating. Have them spread the word, too, and let's see if we can help Freda fund her documentary.

This isn't just for Freda. It's for us -- the fans!  After all, who knows Beatles fans better than Freda Kelly!

Thanks for your time -- check it out -- and spread the word!
The Director of “Good Ol’ Freda” is Ryan White, the producer/director of Pelada, an award-winning documentary about a trip to 25 countries told through the lens of pick-up soccer. The film premiered at the prestigious SXSW Film Festival in 2010 and has played in over 20 film festivals worldwide. It’s been broadcast in as many countries and received rave reviews from Variety, The New York Times, and Sports Illustrated. Prior to Pelada, White had a longstanding collaboration with eight-time Emmy winner Sherry Jones.

The Director of Photography is Austin Hargrave, who shoots regularly for Sony Music and Scion A/V. Austin was staff photographer for the Daily Mirror for six years and won the very prestigious UK’s Photographer of the Year award two years in a row.

‘Good Ol’ Freda’ is scheduled for release in late 2012 or early 2013. This will be the first Beatles documentary of its kind.

For further information about this film or its Kickstarter program please contact Kathy McCabe at

All photos copyright Freda Kelly, and used with her kind permission. They should not be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.

Monday, 3 October 2011

George Harrison: Living in the Material World -- UK screenings

The theatrical release is tomorrow (Tuesday October 4) for one night only. This is at selected cinemas across the UK, list below.

Irish Film Institute
Belmont Picturehouse
Little Theatre Cinema, The (Bath)
Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast
The Rex, Berkhamstead
Bradford Media Museum
Watershed, Bristol
Bury St Edmunds
Abbeygate Picturehouse, Bury St Edmunds
Quad, Derby
Cameo Picturehouse, Edinburgh
Exeter Picturehouse
Glasgow Film Theatre
Hyde Park Picture House
Henley on Thames
Regal Picturehouse, Henley
Hertford Theatre
Forum Cinema, Hexham
Dukes, Lancaster
Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool
Curzon Soho
Greenwich Picturehouse
HMV Curzon Wimbledon
Lexi, Kensal Rise
Ritzy Picturehouse
Stratford East Picturehouse
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyneside Cinema
Cinema City, Norwich
Broadway Nottingham
Phoenix Picturehouse
Showroom Cinema, Sheffield
Harbour Lights, Southampton
York Picturehouse