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We have so many talented fans sending us samples of their work that we have decided we needed a page on our site to showcase all this amazing talent to give it a wider audience.

We don't promise to post everything that is sent to us but our curator will sift through the offerings and we will rotate the collection as it grows.

How to Participate
  • Send any art work to us with "FAN ART SUBMISSION" in the title of your email.
  • Our definition of "art" is broad.  It can be anything including poetry, music, dance, etc.
  • Include a short biography about you and your work.
  • If you are sending video or music, it must be hosted somewhere else (YouTube, etc.) and you need to provide us the link because our site doesn't allow us to store media other than photos.
  • By sending it to us for this page, you are giving us the rights to post your images and we cannot offer any protection against others downloading copies.  You can add watermarks to any image if you want.
  • Don't have artistic talent, but had a close encounter with a Beatle? Check out our Close Encounters page


Billie Fawcett, a 25 year-old self-taught artist from London tells us, "I create very bright and colourful acrylic paintings on a variety of materials and canvases. This chair is called 'The Beatles Chair' and I painted it during the first lockdown on an old wooden chair that was being thrown out. I love the Beatles' music and the Yellow Submarine film and so I took inspiration from the characters in the film and from different song titles and lyrics to create the images on this chair."  We at the BBFC love the chair too!

Carles Vilamitjana, from Barcelona, is an autodidact painter illustrator. He exhibits his works in the “Artelista Virtual Gallery“ website. The Beatles are just one of the topics he illustrates.  All of his works are always digital paintings. He likes this medium because it "gives me wide creative alternatives." Carles is currently working on The Beatles music and is trying to their lyrics into pure graphic illustrations.  He also painted a specific series about The Beatles during an imaginary visit to Barcelona.  We think his images are amazing!


Nigel Abbey in Surrey currently has created about 35 artworks based on Beatles song lyrics. Some of of artworks are quite cryptic and take a while to get the song title - so he is experimenting with including the song title. We have posted two examples below.  You can see more on his website.  His images are protected by copyright but used with permission for this page. We are impressed with the artwork as well as the added puzzle to figure out which song each represents.


Pam Little has sent us these two photos of large acrylic paintings she did.  Her family and friends encouraged her to share them with us and our readers.  We are glad she did.

Tammy Jennette lives in East Tennessee in the city of Cleveland. She tells us:
 "I have been trying to learn to draw for about a year now in my spare time. I feel it is an excellent way to unwind from my 9 to 5 property management job and a very enjoyable way to release stress.

I love writing poetry and drawing faces of the famous, infamous, and the unknown faces of society. Though I am not a professional by any means, I do enjoy the art of sketching and sharing my work with others.

I should, however, mention that this picture is one that I drew myself, but it is another version of a similar drawing I came across on "Dragoart" by an artist identified as "thetank69876"."


Julia from Russia sent us her drawing.  She tells us "I live in Russia. I'm a huge beatles fan and I love drawing The Beatles."

Gary Shaughnessy, originally from Manchester, is an art teacher in Denmark. A huge Beatles fan, he painted this for his son who asked him to do it. It is in oils on a 1m x 1m canvas. We are very impressed!


 Will Hacon from Poole in Dorset sent this in to our treasurer. Unfortunately, it didn't arrive with any more details than that. However, we quite like it. Will, if you are reading this, please email us more about you and/or what inspired you.

William Davies lives across the water from Liverpool and is just 7 years old yet already a brilliant artist and a huge Beatles fan. He drew this for his Beatles subject for school during homeschooling last month. He thinks John Lennon  fantastic! He also made a fact file all about John Lennon as well. We love that he is so keen and just 7 and who knows, he may be a famous artist himself when he grows up!

Rolf Møller from Norway is a doctor who also sings. He tells us "I work as a medical doctor, but music is more fun! I have some paintings of fab four on my office wall! I think 'Yes it is'is an understated song, maybe because they hurry to finish in the studio?...and George is a little out of tune! Here is my brand new version." We think it's fab!

Part time artist Eamonn Mc Donnell lives in Derry, Northern Ireland. He's been a big Beatles fan since the 60s.This is his minimalist painting called "Lennon on Grey".

Sean Graham grew up in Aldershot where the Beatles once place to a crowd less than 20 people! He and Jim Birmingham recently wrote this song based on a real encounter he had with an older woman friend of his mum whose surname coincidentally was Rigby like Eleanore Rigby and who lived in Liverpool as a child.  Below is the original song by Sean Graham and Jim Birmingham submitted to the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2020.

Julia Gutierrez was named after 'Julia' the song and she tells us, "I’ve listened to the Beatles my whole life and only started getting into them about two or three years ago and in this piece of art it’s where all four Beatles in different phases and clothing i hope you like the art! ."

William Pagel, from Richfield, Minnesota in the USA, was inspired to make this cover video because "it has always seemed like one of John’s most unusual and interesting tracks since 'Strawberry Fields' and 'Tomorrow Never Knows'. I felt that I could do it in my own particular way by using my amplified 1968 Harmony acoustic guitar....I play it all the time."

William Pagel did this pencil drawing in 1983 that became the cover of the local Minneapolis Beatles Fan Club paper called “The Write Thing”. He says it took quite a while for intricate work. The piece was done with pencil in 1983.


Robotic Ewe (aka Joe McGill) from Glasgow submitted these images. It is a typographic recreation of the Abbey Road album cover, created from the lyrics of their albums. 35,252 words in Cooper font make the image. With a bit of Pepper suits colour added to the road

Elizabeth McGrath from Nottingham has only been drawing for a year, but her submissions are excellent. She got inspired after watching a documentary on the Beatles, "I started listening to their music and enjoyed listening to it. I decided that I wanted to try and draw portraits of them, so I did a portrait of John Lennon."


Harald Winter has shared his "It's been a hard day's night" drawn with crayon on handmade paper (53 cm/ 75 cm).

Ingrid Black of Canada sent us 3 of her paintings.  You can see more of her work on her website.

1.  'Magical Mystery Tour' 24" x 24" acrylic on canvas completed January 3, 2019.

2. 40 Years 30 x 30

3.Imagine - 36 x 48

Ginger Sedlarova wrote "I'm a Canadian Beatlemaniac and happy member of your club. Although my life's main focus is The Beatles, I'm also an artist and jewelry designer. I've attached an image of a painting I did for a friend and fellow Beatlemaniac for a Christmas present. As she's now opened her gift, it's safe to make it available for public viewing! Here's hoping you and your members like it as much as she did. Many thanks from a loyal fan... Ginger Sedlarova, Canada"

Digital Art work completed by 16 year old Kaitlyn Buter. Huge fan since she was 3. Her dream is to travel to England and visit the same places as the band.

Member Borja Ortega has contributed these awesome pieces.  He wrote that these are "drawings/paintings and collages (related to the last Paul and Ringo concerts in Madrid, and my visit to Liverpool). It would be a pleasure to be able to collaborate with a little help from my friends.... "

Member Alan Millen has contributed this creative video. Below he describes how he created it. Enjoy!
"Using wooden figures that can be manipulated into any position, I took 100 photos and ran them at three-tenths of a second per picture in my Pinnacle movie making software to create some rudimentary dance animation. I then found a short public domain clip of The Beatles playing live on some ancient TV show. The third main element is a couple of seconds from a public domain video of unidentified participants and location. I found at labelled as "1965 Teen Birthday Party". The material is described as "found video".  I downloaded it and used a few seconds of content for the "she looked at me" line and then took a screen grab of the girl's face which I then subjected to a serious of artsy photo effects. So I don't know who the "mystery girl" is. She'll be in her late sixties now, I reckon. All these years later she gets to "star" in my video. Famous for 15 seconds rather than the proverbial 15 minutes Andy Warhol talked of. "

I saw her standing there from Alan Millen on Vimeo.

My name is César San Juan and my favourite hobby is performing the Beatles with my guitar or my ukulele. You can see in this link my cover of "Oh Darling" with ukelele and now my personal cover of one of the best song of Macca after the Beatles "Somebody who cares".

We're a french band called pepe wismeer and both of us have been caught by the music of The Beatles nearly since childhood. We have all their records and our 5 years-old child is a real fan able to recognize if it's Paul or Ringo (his favourites) or John or George singing. This is one of the reasons why we decided to cover one of their songs, "And I Love Her".

David Herman from Jerusalem has contributed this musical entry. His song is not a cover of a Beatles tune but an original tribute to the Beatles called "When the Beatles come back together again". David says "I am a Jerusalem singer-songwriter and big Beatles fan. I hope you like my song."

Eden Ravenscroft is a 7 year old Beatle fan and sent us this fab Yellow Submarine drawing Well done Eden.

Ghislain Bonneau from Victoria, BC Canada.  He tells us "At the age of 21, I decided to take an Art course with the FAMOUS ARTIST SCHOOL in Connecticut USA and that helped me a lot with the part of composition in visual art. I was not very productive in my paintings since it was only a hobby and it was mostly landscape, but recently I started to do portraits, and being a big fan of The Beatles they where for sure to be done, but before I could do them I needed some practice so I did Mother Theresa, then Nelson Mandela, then the Dalai Lama and then Jimi Hendrix, and then I felt ready to do the Beatles. I am now 68 and I did the Beatles Paintings just last year and where completed in October 2015
I don't mind sharing my art with others, specially when it comes to the Beatles and it is not to gain popularity or to make money from it, since there is absolutely nothing for sale on my site and I don't want to sell my paintings either, I just like to share what I do and what I know with others.

(p.s. You can see more of Ghislain's art on his website)

Cover illustration by Jeffrey Aarons - pencil and airbrush.
Jeff tells us the background of this piece: "I created this illustration for the cover of our book on Beatles recording details entitled, Hearing Aids To The Beatles Volume I: A Musicians Perspective and after creating half a dozen sketches of the Beatles performing in various concert formats with various outfits, I finally hit on an idea I created from several sketches of the Fabs performing during mid 1964 in their grey suit attire. After conferring with my co-author, Mike Brown, we both decided this was the one to go with. I proceeded with a simple, detailed pencil drawing then after completion of the basic details, mostly attempting to make John, Paul, George and Ringo’s face’s as realistic as possible, (and hopefully recognizable) I proceeded to airbrush in all the final details. Before completion, I added a new drawing of my own stereo rack behind Ringo’s stand to imply that the reader was hearing the Beatles play in front of their own hi fi system.”

Alan Millens has sent us another piece of his. Alan’s video is part of a mini-suite based on the "meet the Beatles" concept that forms the middle section of latest Newcastle Road CD: Under The Influence, which was released this past October. The CD includes four songs describing a real or imagined encounter between a fan and John, Paul, George and Ringo. This is the “Paul” song.

My name's Michael T.Scott. I've been creating animated shorts for over 8 years. This is my second Beatles-themed piece in that time. I just wanted to create something Beatles fans could enjoy. It has the fun premise of Pete Best trying to convince his former band-mates that he was the reason for their fame. It's packed with references to Beatles songs and lore in the dialogue, images and sound. It's more or less a big hug to John, Paul, George and Ringo.

This recording was submitted by Son, Bo Seong from Korea. He recorded this song in English playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals.

Alan Millen: Alan is a regular contributor to our Fan Art page and just in time for Liverpool Beatle Week he has supplied us with two new and entertaining videos. Thanks for sharing them Alan and hope to see you at Beatle Week."

Pepperland Weather
featuring a very special weatherman and Fab Four audio

The Beatles in Hamburg June 66

When The Beatles played two shows in Hamburg in June 1966 the local police department used the occasion to make a training film on policing events that drew a large crowd. I have edited and subtitled the original 30-minute film into a 7-minute report on the first performance of the day. Snippets of the Beatles performing I Wanna Be Your Man & Baby's In Black are include

George Katralis: "Firstly I would love to say I'm a big fan of your site. Being a Beatles fan for many years it's great to see other fans spreading the love online. In relation to your Beatles fan artwork, I myself am a graphic designer and artist specialising in prints - The Beatles being my favourite art to produce. Recently Paul McCartney and George Harrison shared my artwork on their social media sites as you can see from these screenshots."

If you want to see more of George's work, check out his Etsy site.

George by George Katralis

Paul by George Katralis

Bell: "In the 60s I had a Beatle hair cut and wore a Beatle jacket with Beatle boots. I worked in Liverpool docks before the regeneration. My oil painting is about these docks, iconic Liverpool and the fab four."

Matt Dickinson: Matt studies fine art at university and has loved the Beatles from an early age, merging his two passions, most of his work is based around music. This is a painting of John Lennon in oils on canvas 60cm x 60cm.

Alan Millen: Alan was our first fan art contributor months ago and today he sent in another masterpiece just in time for Christmas.

He says " This video of an original song (I am the lyricist) revisits that sense of anticipation and appreciation. The video was made in 2011, on the 10th anniversary of George’s departure from the material world. I rounded up some friends, we came up with a simple concept and had ourselves a fantastic afternoon. Spot the original 1968 Corgi toy “yellow submarine”, which one of the participants gave to me as a present that day.".

Alan says "This page is a great idea. . I'm attaching a link to my George Harrison tribute." Alan's tribute is a lovely spoken-word video uses the lyrics to an unrecorded song about an imagined encounter with George Harrison on the banks of the river near his home at Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames.

Ukulele Man from Alan Millen on Vimeo.
This spoken-word video uses the lyrics to an unrecorded song about an imagined encounter with George Harrison on the banks of the river near his home at Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames. Mother Nature provides the visual component. At heart, this is a simple thank-you to him for the music he created as a member of The Beatles and as a solo artist.

Scottish artist, Jim Clark: "I like to draw people who have affected or influenced my life, and the Beatles are way up there. I mostly draw in pencil (4b) which gives me a rough effect."

George Harrison
Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Ringo Starr
Paul McCartney

In 2012, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first disc of The Beatles, the ISTITUTO PARITARIO "SACRO CUORE DI GESÙ" (an Italian primary school) organized a series of activities involving the students in all 6 grades. The students translated and studied the lyrics and in a music workshop, they worked on the musical arrangements for the event Finally, on the 8th of June 2012 the school performed a concert of Beatles songs including "Here Comes the Sun" and "Hello Goodbye" among others. They shared videos of their performances with the BBFC and we are sharing two with you. We think you will agree they did an amazing job! Well Done!

César San JuanA professor in the Department of Social Psychology at the University of the Basque Country (Spain) and a Beatle fan. He thinks “that they are the best rock band in the music history." His spare time is spent writing his Spanish ‘Revolver los Beatles’” (the most visited Spanish Beatles blog in the world) and occasionally making homemade covers of some Beatles songs. Besides Blackbird (below) you can listen to Her Majesty, It´s Only Love, or I Will on his blog.

Lisa Hunter Lisa says "I love The Beatles and drawing so what better idea than to combine the two. Paul is my favourite Beatle but I like them all."
Paul by Lisa Hunter

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