Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Don't misss - John Lennon and Strawberry Fields Forever, the Untold Story

Journalist J. Adolfo Iglesias from Almeria, Spain will be giving a special talk August 7th at the Liverpool Central Library.  You won't want to miss this.  Mr. Iglesias has travelled all the way to Liverpool just to share his research.  It is a fascinating story he has to tell so mark you calendars now!

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Beatles Story teams up with Jelli Studios for The Very Big Catwalk

The award winning Beatles Story has teamed up with Jennifer Ellison’s dance school, Jelli Studios to support The Very Big Catwalk, held in association with Very.co.uk, during the city’s Transatlantic 175 weekend on Saturday 4th July. 
Former Brookside actress Jennifer Ellison will be strutting her stuff on the catwalk this weekend with 25 dancers, aged between 10 and 21. They will all take to the stage to perform a number of Beatles classics including “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Get Back”.
The event is part of the city’s wider Transatlantic 175 celebrations and will aim to break the world record for the “Most Models on a Catwalk” with the former soap star just one of the thousands that are set to take part - and the catwalk needs you to get involved.
Jennifer said: “We wanted to do something Beatles related so teaming up with the Beatles Story was a natural choice. It is going to be a colourful performance with the very best in Commercial dance on show.  We promise to put on an unforgettable show and make our city proud. 
“Saturday will be all about Liverpool and what better way of showcasing its talent than through the thousands of locals that will take to the stage. There is now less than a week to go until the big event – and the catwalk still needs more people to get involved. Lots of different sections will be brought to life and it isn’t too late to take part– the catwalk needs you!”
Diane Glover, Marketing Manager at the Beatles Story, added: “We wanted to do something a bit different to mark the occasion, rather than simply walking down the catwalk, we have tried to combine the city’s love for both The Beatles’ music and dance.
“We are very excited to be partnering with Jelli Studios for this event and we are looking forward to seeing the final product on the day.”
The weekend is being organised by Liverpool City Council and curated by Wayne Hemingway MBE to mark the links between America and the UK.
Wayne said: “The Very Big Catwalk will be an exciting celebration of the diversity in Liverpool. You don’t have to be a model to get up there, we’ve got everyone from dancers and dads to brides and brownies representing Liverpool life on the runway. As we edge closer to the weekend, we are even more astounded by what an amazing community Liverpool is and we are looking forward to bringing these strands of the city together on The Very Big Catwalk.
“Even better, it isn’t too late to get involved in this historic moment for the city. Individuals and groups can still sign up – with this event it is very much the more the merrier!”
Jelli Studios features on Jennifer Ellison’s ‘Dance Mums’ TV show on Lifetime recognising rising stars in the dance industry across the UK. Two of its stars and British Championship winning dancers, Tayluer Amos and Eleiyah Navis, will also take to the stage at the event.
Key city landmarks will also be taking part in the event, with models and the public being hosted at Downing’s The Port of Liverpool Building, during the event.
Entries are still open to join The Very Big Catwalk. Sign up by visiting http://www.cultureliverpool.co.uk/one-magnificent-city/the-very-big-catwalk/individual-sign-up/

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bonus Content: Review of Hot Sound Experience and Paul McCartney Out There Concert Echo Arena Liverpool 28-05-2015

This review arrived too late to include in the current magazine so we are sharing it here.  Thanks for sending it in Edward. Edward writes of his experience getting tickets to and attending the Sound Check in Liverpool for Paul's Out There concert.

~ by Edward Gough
Hot Sound Experience is a package consisting of V.I.P. ticket for front rows ( Row F ) and attending Paul McCartney pre show Sound Check Souvenir Out There Concert Pack. Ticket was expensive - £624.00. I questioned ticket provider regarding value for money and profiteering. Ticket provider gave plausible explanation for high prices, but did not justify cost. BUT I just had to see Paul in Liverpool and be near the stage and I happily overpaid to get ticket. I did not regret it.

Hot Sound Experience 28-05-2015. 
  • Staying in Hard Days Night Hotel, I phoned ticket provider at 8.30.a.m.to check time of Sound Check. Sound Check time was confirmed as 3.30 p.m. 
  • Arrived at Echo Arena 2.30 p.m. - several keen fans already there.
  • Windy and cold now 3.30 p.m. with many fans from all over the world eager to get into warm Arena to see Paul. 
  • Allowed into Arena 3.30 p.m with lengthy security checks. 200 + fans presented with Hot Sound Experience Gift Souvenir Packages consisting of Out There Backpack programme, lanyard, water bottle, plectrum, bottle of water. 
  • 4.20 p.m. now in concert hall where it is interesting to see so many tour and arena staff preparing arena for fans. 
  • 5.00 p.m. fans impatient to see Paul and wondering why he is so late.
  • Fans are told at 5.10 p.m. that Paul has been delayed due to a road traffic accident in the Mersey Tunnel. 
  • Paul arrives 5.30 p.m. to loud cheering and applause. Paul looks tired and apologises to crowd of 200+ fans and a 100 students from L.I.P.A. Paul says "Time to wake up." Paul tells audience this is a sound check where we play what we like, when we like and said sound check songs are not in show, but did play Lady Madonna in sound check and in show. 
  • Paul and band evidently enjoyed playing and singing the following songs. Audience thoroughly enjoyed hearing them: Honey Don't, Blue Suede Shoes, Paul sang a request from fan, Alligator, Every Night, C Moon, Let me In, Get Back. Bluebird, Penny Lane, strummed UKELELE, Lady Madonna, Midnight Special, It's so easy to fall in love. 
  • Paul acknowledged LI.P.A. students and thanked crowd. 
Objective Review: Great experience worth ticket price.
Subjective Review: FAB .WELL WORTH THE PRICE IN MY OPINION. Paul was on stage for approximately one hour. Fab experience to see Paul perform live and informally in Liverpool to a small lucky crowd. Great event with lasting memories of an unique occasion. Cant Buy Me Love, but money did give me memories and a fabulous unforgettable experience of seeing Paul playing live Sound Check in Liverpool.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hot off the presses - Issue 55 is now available

Issue 55 has been mailed to all members and is now available for sale in the website shop. It is another fab issue including:
  • The Beatles - A Day In The Life
  • Media Watch
  • Coming Up - Forthcoming Events
  • Ringo Starr Concert Review
  • Paul McCartney ‘Out There’ Tour Reviews
  • Paperback Writers
  • Fab Four on DVD
  • BBFC Offers & Merchandise
  • As I Write This Letter
  • Crap Photo of the Month
To get the magazine, join the BBFC today or visit our shop to buy just this issue.

Shopping with the BBFC just got easier!

The British Beatles Fan club is dedicated to helping our fans discover new books, music and films about the Beatles.  Each issue of our magazine is chock full of reviews of all the new releases with information about how to find those items for purchase.

Today we are launching a new BBFC Beatles Shop where you can easily find load of Beatles related books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, and just about anything else related to the Beatles.  The home page of the shop highlights those items reviewed in the most recent issue of our magazine making it easy to do one-stop shopping.  As a bonus, because Amazon host the shop, the BBFC earns a referral royalty with every purchase from the shop helping us to keep membership rates in check.  It is a win-win solution.

All BBFC items including back issues of magazines are still available on our website directly as well.

Happy Shopping!


Link for Early bird ticket opportunity for The Sessions at Abbey Road Musical

If you haven't heard already, on April 1, 2016 there will be a live re-staging of the historic Beatles Abbey Road Recording session at the Royal Albert Hall.  Tickets go on sale publicly Friday morning, but we've been given an Early Bird link for our followers to get tickets starting today.

Link to info about the show
Early Bird Ticket Link for today

Beatles replica Höfner guitars to go on display at the Beatles Story for 3 months

Jubilee Guitar
Guitar brand Höfner has loaned four one-off replica guitars used by Paul McCartney and John Lennon to the award-winning Beatles Story in the Albert Dock as part of their 25th birthday celebrations. 
The 1964 Vintage 500/1 Bass, the Paul McCartney 500/1 Backup Bass, the Jubilee 500/1 Bass and the Club 40 John Lennon re-issue Guitar will go on display in the Paul McCartney and John Lennon solo rooms in the Albert Dock on 12th June.
These incredible items are on loan to the attraction for three months and each guitar tells its own story.
As The Beatles took the world by storm, conquering the USA in early 1964, every bass player wanted a Vintage 500/1 Bass, just like Paul McCartney’s.
The 1964 example of the bass is very similar to Paul McCartney’s. During 1964 Höfner worked hard to try and keep up with demand for the bass and probably sold more examples of the model that year than any before or since.
In 2009 Höfner were commissioned by Paul McCartney to produce a 500/1 Backup Bass for him. The request was for a bass built to the same specifications as his 1963 model that he uses for all concerts and for recording. It was built to exactly the same dimensions and used the same hardware.
Only two of the Backup Basses were made, one of which is of course with Paul, the other is retained by Höfner for very occasional exhibiting such as this. The bass will never be sold and there are no plans to produce any more.
Thirdly, when her Majesty celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, part of the celebrations included a special Jubilee concert with the headline act being Sir Paul McCartney. Höfner decided that they would produce a Violin Bass with the Union flag sprayed on the top and offer this to Paul for the concert.
Two were made (a backup is always produced) and one of these sent to Paul just before the concert. The photos of Paul McCartney proudly holding the guitar aloft became one of the defining images of the event.
Subsequently a very limited edition of the Jubilee 500/1 Bass was produced and soon sold to collectors worldwide. This bass is the 2nd of the two originally produced. A careful look and you will see just how hurriedly it had to be sprayed in order to meet the deadline for that famous concert! It will never be sold and there are no plans to produce any more.
Lastly, the first electric guitar owned by the legendary John Lennon was a Höfner Club 40, bought on hire purchase from Hessy’s music shop in Liverpool in 1959. Prior to this he had played an acoustic but clearly needed something that could be amplified so he pestered his Aunt Mimi until she agreed to accompany him to buy a guitar. She put down a £17 deposit and co-signed the hire purchase agreement and John came home with a shiny new Höfner.

This guitar is a limited edition (120 examples) re-issue of the 1959 Club 40 as once owned by John. All have a reproduction of John’s signature on the scratchplate. John kept his Club 40 for about one year and then purchased a Rickenbacker “Capri”. He loaned the Club to Paul for a short while and then he sold it, probably in Hamburg. It has never been seen since.
Martin King at the Beatles Story in the Albert Dock said: “The loan by Höfner is an extremely welcome addition to the Beatles Story and the stories behind each guitar will I’m sure be familiar to Beatles fans and keen musicians world-wide.
“Our visitors will just love these. It is particularly fitting that we have them in a few days before Paul McCartney’s 73rd birthday too. The fact that they are so rare and that they will never be made again will really appeal to Beatles superfans. We’d like to thank Höfner for the loan, we are always looking to add to what we have on offer here and this is an incredible addition.”
Nick Wass Marketing Manager at Höfner GmbH said: “We are delighted to have been invited by the Beatles Story to be part of their 25th anniversary celebrations. We have been associated with The Beatles and the great city of Liverpool for many years and it is brilliant to still be part of this wonderful heritage. Happy Birthday from Germany!”
The Höfner guitars will be on display from 15th June until 12th September 2015 in the solo section of the exhibit in the Albert Dock.