Wednesday 7 December 2022

The Beatles: An Illustrated Bibliography, from 1955 to 2027


The Beatles: An Illustrated Bibliography, from 1955 to 2027

This is a unique online illustrated bibliography of The Beatles.

With over 2400 entries, the bibliography provides details of author, book title, publisher, country of publication, date of publication, format, ISBN, for most entries an image of the front cover but some entries will have more images, in some cases a price guide, and notes about the publication.

Concentrating on books written in English, this is essentially a list of books relating to The Beatles as a group and as solo artists or written by a member of the group or their wives, lovers, or children, in chronological order.

This unique online illustrated bibliography of The Beatles can be found at at


You can join 45worlds for free (and then you won't see those annoying adverts when you log in as a member!).  You might even want to add some entries yourself.

Created and curated by Peter Sims (aka JPGR&B), this online bibliography is an amazing free resource for Beatles fans, authors, researchers, students, and teachers.

About the Illustrated Bibliography:

Melissa Davis, author, The Beatles Bibliography - A New Guide to the Literature 

A superb site and an excellent resource.  Sims sets high standards - and hits the mark every time.

Kenneth Womack, author, John Lennon 1980: The Last Days In The Life

In the evolving history of Beatles studies, we are only just beginning to take the measure and shape of our scholarship.  The Beatles: An Illustrated Bibliography makes a vital step in this direction.

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