Wednesday 27 July 2011

"Cavern Stompin'" -- The Shakers

 If you want a taste of the energy and atmosphere of a live band in the Cavern, then this CD is for you! The Shakers are the Cavern’s resident Merseybeat band. Although they don’t designate themselves as a ‘tribute’ band, they do pay tribute to the Merseybeat stars every weekend when they perform songs from the early 60s in their regular weekend slots in the Cavern with energy and passion. This four-song CD evokes that magical atmosphere, bringing the ‘feel’ of the Cavern to you wherever you are. My only criticism is that it’s just not long enough! ‘Some Other Guy’, ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ and ‘Slow Down’ are great songs but, as happens in the Cavern after every Shakers’ set, you’ll be left demanding more!  The good news is that another CD from the Shakers is planned very soon.
The CD is sold at every Shakers' gig, or contact Tony O'Keefe via the Shakers' Facebook page.  Fans in the US can get the CD from Double Crown Records.

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  1. oh yeah got this one myself its a belta, have to agree not long enough.. i just keep mine on repeat ... to the delight of my son...(not shouting...mother not again) lol love it... xx