Sunday 31 July 2011

Fab4D at the Beatles Story, Liverpool

It’s very hard to write a review of Fab4D without spoiling any of the surprises ... but I shall try! 

A feature of the Beatles Story exhibition at Pier Head is an animated film that was described in the press release as “an exciting multi-sensory 4D journey through the music of the Beatles.”

Well, it certainly is exciting.  And funny.  And full of surprises.  It only lasts about ten minutes and therefore it would be unfair to expect too much in the way of Beatles’ music, but about five songs are featured (sadly, not the originals but still good nonetheless).  To me, it seemed less like a journey through the music of the Beatles, but more of a reminder of the message behind much of the music: that, in the end, it’s love that matters.

The film tells the story of Mike and Anna, who, with the help of Sgt Pepper, Eleanor Rigby and Lucy, finally discover their true feelings for each other. 

But the outcome isn’t the best bit of this movie; it’s the journey itself.  And believe me, it’s a journey that you really must experience for yourself.  The 3D effects of the film are exciting on their own, but when you add in the other sensory experiences – and it really does captivate ALL the senses – it’s absolutely hilarious and totally brilliant!  And really, I can ‘say no more’ ... because I don’t want to spoil it.

I watched the film twice; the first time I sat in the back row (of four) in the theatre, and the second time, I was at the front.  Some of the effects are better nearer the front; in fact the second row is probably the best place to sit! 

If anything, even though I knew what was coming, it was better the second time around; I laughed just as much and the ‘surprises’ were still just as much fun! 

If you’re visiting the Beatles Story, you absolutely should go over to the Pier Head and see the exhibits there (they’re all included on the same ticket).  The Fab4D experience is definitely worth the walk!

Review by Donna Jackson

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