Monday 18 July 2011

The Mersey Beatles

Just a quick note to give a review of "The Mersey Beatles", who I saw in action at The Cavern Club last Thursday evening. I was "blown-away" by the profesionalism and sheer exuberance of thses guys They played 3 x 45 minute sessions, including a very wide range of Beatles' songs from the early days, and the middle session contained music from the psychedelic period

Whilst they don't profess to be Beatle lookalikes, "John" certainly has a resemblance, but the group still look "The Business" suitably-attired and wearing wigs. More importantly, they are all excellent musicians, who really love what they are doing and do create the Fab Four's sound. The vocals are superb, and with eyes closed, one is almost transported back to those heady days of the early sixties at The Cavern.

This Group were in complete copntrast to the "Bootleg Beatles" who I saw in Brighton last December. They've been around for a long, long time, and really were not enjoying playing the gig. They were "tired" in every sense of the word.(Gentlemen - move over for "the new kids on the block!")

So, If you are in Liverpool on a Thursday evening, I thoroughly recommend getting down to The Cavern Club (10.15pm to 01.15am) to see the Mersey Beatles in action. You'll "have a ball" and won't be disappointed!!

I know that Donna has similar views, but how do others regard this brilliant tribute band?

Geoff Goodyear

I couldn't agree more.

I saw them at the Cavern a few weeks ago and they were brilliant. I've seen the Bootleg Beatles (supporting Oasis!) and the Cavern Beatles and neither of them were a patch on the Mersey Beatles.

The choice of songs was brilliant and the vocals were top notch. I would go and see them every week if I didn't live so far away.

I spoke to a couple of the band and they seem really great guys. It was quite bizarre to be introduced to Donna by 'Paul McCartney' in the Cavern!!!

It was great to finally meet you Donna.

Rob Bellamy

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