Thursday 22 December 2011

Review: Paul in Liverpool, December 20

Review by Ellie Hooley and
Donna Jackson

On Tuesday night Paul played for his hometown crowd, and even people who know him well, or have seen him in concert many times, agreed that it was the concert of the century!

Paul was on fire, and revelling in the outpouring of love, support and sheer enjoyment from the 11,500 people crowded into the Echo Arena. He was clearly enjoying himself, and that enjoyment only served to magnify the enjoyment of the audience. The atmosphere was electric, and it was a night that no-one who was lucky enough to be there will ever forget!

Paul, during the soundcheck
I (Donna) was among the fans who were privileged to attend the soundcheck in the afternoon -- or perhaps I should say we attended ONE of the soundchecks. A private soundcheck was also held for one special song. Paul came on stage with Bea and (I think) one of Mike's grand-daughters. The girls were obviously having great fun, and kept waving to the small crowd. Paul was clearly enjoying himself too as he treated us to 18 songs, most of which were different to those that would be played in the evening concert.

Before the show started in the evening, they played the Beatles fanclub Christmas songs which was a lovely touch considering the time of year. The usual video ran, and as the Chinese lanterns on the screen faded into the sky, the lights went down and then Paul was on stage! He looked fabulous, wearing the trademark braces and shiny black pants with a pink shirt.

The first song was Hello Goodbye, and although I (Ellie) was on the 7th row I had a man standing in front of me who was well over 6 feet tall. The lovely security guard, though, upgraded me to the 5th row so I could see! I know that Donna, who was in the front row, had a good view too! I *love* the fact that he's added more Wings songs to the setlist so Juniors Farm was a particular highlight of mine...but then having not heard The Night Before, Come And Get It, Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five, I've Just Seen A Face, I Will, Mrs Vandebilt, Ob La Di Ob La Da, The Word, Wonderful Christmastime and Mull of Kintyre (the reason for the extra, private soundcheck!) live until this tour I think I've been well and truly spoilt!

As I (Donna) was right at the front, I could really appreciate how Paul interacted with the audience. Superfan Ellie is well-known by Paul, and he pointed to her when he spotted her. But he was great about interacting with lots of people, and made us all feel so special. My special moment came when I was screaming madly at the end of I've Just Seen a Face (one of my absolute favourite Beatle songs); Paul noticed -- well, he couldn't really miss it with the noise I was making -- and gave me a little bow of acknowledgement. Another really lovely touch was that, if Paul noticed someone taking photos, he would stand still and look right at the camera so that the person with the camera could get a really great shot! So thoughtful!! Unfortunately, when it did that for me, I got so excited it was probably the worst photo of the whole night!

Paying tribute to George

Throughout the show, Paul seemed to be in a wonderful mood, just grinning lots and very bouncy! There was lots of banter with the crowd, and he seemed very amused that both the Royal Wedding and Cilla Black were booed.

For the ladies, there was the special moment where Paul puts his bass guitar between his legs as he takes his jacket off (Ellie's favourite); and also enough times when Paul had his back to the audience to keep me (Donna) happy!

Playing around, after Live and Let Die
As well as the wonderful music, the light show was absolutely incredible. It was stunning throughout but one of the best moments was the creation of a prison cell with the lights for Band On The Run. It really added to the atmosphere of the gig.

Band on the Run
It snowed in the Echo Arena during Wonderful Christmastime (the choir came from LIPA), which was great fun at the time (even though we're still finding bits of it everywhere!), and the Pipe Band accompanying Mull of Kintyre made that song special too.

We're not sure that our words can do justice to this gig. It was truly, truly special and a night that Liverpool, and everyone in the Echo Arena, will never forget! Paul got back to where he once belonged, and he proved that he still does belong here!

Hey Jude

Thank you, Paul, for one of the best nights of our lives!

Set Lists

01. Honey Hush
02. Honey Don't
03. Blue Suede Shoes
04. Highway
05. Ebony and Ivory
06. Only Mamma Knows
07. Penny Lane
08. Celebration
09. CMoon
10. Things we Said Today
11. San Francisco Bay Blues (To Shelley Lazar)
12. Jam
13. It's So Easy
14. Sun is Shining
15. Petrushka
16. Something
17. Yesterday
18. Lady Madonna

1. Hello, Goodbye
2. Junior's Farm
3. All My Loving
4. Jet
5. Drive My Car
6. Sing the Changes
7. The Night Before
8. Let Me Roll It/ foxy lady
9. Paperback Writer
10. The Long and Winding Road
11. Come and Get It
12. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
13. Maybe I'm Amazed
14. I've Just Seen a Face
15. I Will
16. Blackbird
17. Here Today
18. Dance Tonight
19. Mrs. Vandebilt
20. Eleanor Rigby
21. Ram On
22. Something
23. Penny Lane
24. Band on the Run
25. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
26. Back in the U.S.S.R.
27. I've Got a Feeling
28. A Day in the Life/ Give Peace a Chance
29. Let It Be
30. Live and Let Die
31. Hey Jude

First Encore
32. The Word/ All you need is Love
33. Wonderful Christmastime
34. Day Tripper
35. Get Back

Second Encore
36. Yesterday
37. Mull of Kintyre
38. Helter Skelter
39. Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End

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  1. Wonderful review ladies and really captures the atmosphere of the evening. I loved every minute of the gig and it is great to see it through the eyes of others who were also there. I agree this was a really special concert, I have been lucky enough to be at several of Paul's 'hometown' gigs and I have to admit that this one was the best by far and whilst out shopping the day after in the Aintree area I overheard a group of people discussing how much they had enjoyed the night.

    Alli xx