Saturday 4 February 2012

The Beatles in Uncut: Review

Review by Ernie Sutton

The latest Uncut magazine has a great piece on the Beatles' Hamburg days and some great pics. But for me the free CD with it is worth the money on its own.

The artwork is based around the Parlophone style of sleeve and contains 16 originals of songs The Beatles played in Hamburg.

Artists include Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Gene Vincent, the great Carl Perkins,Peggy Lee, and even Elvis Presley. There is also one by a group called The Olympics - now have they put that in because it's Olympic year?

Whilst I've heard some of these before there are some I haven't.  I couldn't help but think to myself, this is what the fabs listened to in their youth; no wonder they covered them.

Carl Perkins singing Lend Me Your Comb was a first-time-hear for me and is fab!

If you like this era in music or just want to listen to what influenced our heroes it's worth a purchase - oh and there is the article on Hamburg to enjoy in the magazine too.

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