Thursday 2 February 2012

Reviews: Paul and Ringo's New Albums

Review by BBFC Member, Vaughan Griggs

Here's my opinion on Paul and Ringo's new albums (after one listen apiece.)

I was impressed with Paul's album "Kisses on the bottom." Many artists have produced albums of pre-rock and roll songs in recent years but Paul has taken it to a new level. Firstly, he has largely ignored the really famous songs of this era and chosen more obscure songs. He has also chosen to work with Diana Krall and her band, top jazz musicians in their own right. Perhaps Paul should have recorded this album ten years ago when his voice was in better shape. However,his vocals are (bravely)high in the mix and apart from some tracks with strings, most are recorded with Diane Krall's small band. It shows the decline in Paul's voice but by and large he gets away with it. 

I really enjoy songs from this era and I would suggest that fans who enjoy Paul's rock and pop recordings give this a try. It's a classy album, and Paul's two new songs do not sound out of place. My only real complaint is that Paul did not record a duet with Diane Krall as she is a fabulous singer in her own right.I think this could be Paul's biggest hit album for some time!

 Ringo's album "2012" is, well, a typical Ringo album. Only nine tracks long, it is a nice listen but the fact remains that Ringo is no Paul, John or George when it comes to writing songs! The saving grace of the album is the musicianship throughout, paticularly the lead guitar work, which elevates some ordinary songs to better tracks. 

The stand out tracks for me are "Anthem," "Wonderful," "In Liverpool" and the cover of Buddy's "Think it over." A decent record but if I had to choose between the two it's Paul everytime!

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