Monday 2 July 2012

Review -- Ringo Starr in Baltimore

Review by Michele Copp

I saw Ringo and his All Starr Band perform in Baltimore Maryland Sunday evening and it was a fabulous concert. Ringo was in top form and looked 30 years younger than his soon-to-be 72.

The All Starrs were great too - the stage was bursting with high caliber talent - and with two drummers and an assortment of other percussion instruments, it was a high energy and super rhythmic performance.

Despite all that other talent, it was obvious that Ringo was the main attraction. Every song he sang had the crowd singing along, waving their arms,and often on their feet.

The venue was intimate compared to some rock concerts (only 2,443 seats) so we were able to see Ringo quite well and his lighting effects were colourful and bright giving the whole event a fun psychedelic feel.

Photography was forbidden but I managed to take a couple.  I hope they give you an idea of what a brilliant time we all had. Thank you Ringo!

Michele's full review has been submitted to the BBFC magazine and will appear in a forthcoming issue.

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