Thursday 2 August 2012

Competition and Review - The Beatles: Their Golden Age

The Beatles. Their Golden Age

A Wienerworld Release

MVD5397D £12.99

Running time: 60 minutes

Release Date: 6 August 2012

You can WIN a copy of this great new DVD.  Full details of how to enter are at the bottom of the review!

Review by Terry Bloxham

Wienerworld Ltd.has released another re-hash of the now ages-old story of the Beatles. Wienerworld has been responsible for the reissues of many Beatles-related DVDs, such as the excellent ‘John Lennon Rare and Unseen’ and the ridiculous but highly entertaining ‘Paul McCartney Really is Dead!’, and for that we are grateful but ‘The Beatles. Their Golden Age’ does not provide any new information nor any new mis-information. ‘Their Golden Age’ is just a light entertainment romp through the Beatles rise and rise and a bit of their fall.

Les Krantz, the author and narrator, loves his subject and he just teeters on the edge of adulation. He tries and, to a large extent, achieves a feeling of the excitement of Beatlemania by showing reels and reels of footage of screaming fans from around the world. Krantz then proceeds through the mid to late 1960s with images of album covers, newspaper headlines and documentary footage of Sgt Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, Rishikesh and the Maharishi and then concluding the decade with Let it Be and the rooftop concert. There is nothing new here but it is well presented chronologically. I have to admit I enjoyed watching the extensive clips from the film ‘Help!’ – why so much footage of this? Was this Krantz’s fave film?

Krantz doesn’t steer away from the controversial topics. He covers the Manila fiasco, the ‘Bigger than Jesus’ incident and, shock!, Paul admitting to having taken LSD. Yoko and Linda are briefly featured with a bit of extra airtime for Yoko and the Bed-In. The film ends with a quick ‘Where Are They Now?’ – John and peace, Paul and Wings, George and ‘All Things Must Pass’ and Ringo’s ‘Ringo’ album. This was all pretty sketchy but, admittedly, not the focus of the film.

The well-informed Beatles fan will learn nothing new from ‘The Beatles. Their Golden Years’ but the beginner fan could not do better for a good chronological study of the group. Like with most DVD releases of the Beatles, there is no original music. Krantz does provide some muzak-style versions of Beatles songs but I would recommend you put on some Beatles CDs while you watch.


Competition Details

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