Sunday 12 August 2012

Competition Result: Ringo has been found!

The good news is that everyone who entered the competition successfully found Ringo hiding out at The City Barge Pub which just happens to be the very pub where scenes from “HELP!” were filmed way back in 1965. Coincidentally (or maybe not), this pub is located just across the river Thames from the site where Ringo was filmed on his original “walkabout” in the film “A Hard Day’s Night” so it was familiar territory for him.

So for this Beatle Olympic event, the competition field was tight with some mighty Beatle brains neck- and-neck for the gold medal. As stated in the rules, all correct entries were put into a random draw and the lucky winner who can claim to be our 2012 Beatle Olympiad is (drumroll) Phill Boylett. Congratulations Phill!!

As the lucky winner, the membership secretary will be notified to extend the expiration date of your membership by 12 months and terrific goodie bag will be on its way to you by post very shortly.

Many thanks the entrants who competed. We appreciate your participation and Olympic spirit. We love having competitions, but they are so much more fun when we have good participation. To say thank you all the contestants will receive an email certificate.

If you would like to learn more about this pub’s Beatle connections or maybe even visit it yourself, check out this link on our website.

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