Thursday 16 August 2012

Review: Bill Zygmant Exhibition at the Penny Lane Gallery

Review by Donna Jackson

The current exhibition at the Penny Lane Gallery in Liverpool features the work of legendary photographer, Bill Zygmant.

The exhibition, which runs from Friday August 17 to Sunday October 14, includes a selection of Bill's iconic images featuring, among others, the Bee Gees, the Scaffold and, of course, the Beatles.

Words really cannot do justice to the beauty and spirit of Bill's images.  He has a way of capturing the very essence of his subjects, giving us an insight into their character and personality, as well as capturing the spirit of the 60s.

Bill with his photo of George; he admits
that George was his favourite
c. Jackie Spencer,

The importance of Bill to the history of the Beatles was reflected when the Hard Days Night Hotel named one of its suites in his honour.  Just a few moments looking at his work demonstrate just how richly this honour was deserved.

I had seen most of Bill's images before -- either in books or on the internet -- but the original prints have an added depth and spark that made me feel as if this was the first time I was seeing them.  

It was also the first time that I had met Bill and it's impossible not to be relaxed in his company.  I'm sure that one of the reasons why Bill's photos are so wonderful is not just because of his talent with a camera but also because of his personal charm and warmth.

Bill, copying John's pose
c. Jackie Spencer,

As well as the various prints which are for sale, the Gallery also has available a limited edition exclusive poster featuring Bill's photographs of each of the Beatles.  The prices of the prints, many of which are also limited editions, vary, but some have been priced at a special rate for this exhibition.

Bill with gallery owner, Christine Colvin

Bill will be the special guest of the Penny Lane Gallery at the annual Beatles Convention at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, on Sunday August 26 (part of International Beatles Week).

So, if you're in Liverpool for the celebrations this August, don't miss out on this chance to meet a legend, and make sure you visit the Penny Lane Gallery to view his wonderful and iconic images too!

Penny Lane Gallery is open 6 days a week from 11am to 5.30pm (closed Tuesdays).

For more information on this, and other exhibitions, and on the gallery visit the website by clicking HERE


  1. Looks like an amazing show!

  2. Bill is a lovely man and the Photo of George he is standing in front of is one of his Pictures I have in my collection. Lovely review and the exhibition looks wonderful.