Saturday 24 November 2012

Jameson & Hills Perform Songs of the Beatles - Leeds, Dec 3

Dave & Will have been friends and collaborators since teenagers in the Seventies, when the Rock music influences of the decade added to their devotion to the sound and songs of the Beatles’ sixties decade.

Performing Beatles’ and other classic songs of the style and era wherever they could since then, has taken in Pubs and Clubs and Bars and Restaurants up and down the UK.

Their enduring loyalty to the music and songs of the Beatles bring them naturally to maintain dedicated repertoire performances delivering their acclaimed vocal renditions of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison compositions, quite outside the current tribute Genre of imitation and mimicry (no wigs or gimmicks) and appealing to all discerning live music fans and Beatles’ music fans in particular.

The duo has assembled a website showcasing just some of their repertoire with a link to where demo recordings of some of their many own compositions can be heard, including the commemorative “Man from the lonely hearts club band” written and recorded early 1981.

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