Saturday 12 January 2013

Competition and Review: Beatles Stories

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Review by Ida Otteson

As the title of this DVD rightly says, the hour and a half long film is set out as a selection of clips, filmed by a self-professed Beatles fan from America, Seth Swirsky.

Every clip features a memory from people as diverse as Brian Wilson, Iris Caldwell, Ben Kingsley and Rod Davies.

Although most of the interviews feature first hand stories that are truly heart warming, like Rod Davies showing off an album he bought off John Lennon, or Iris Caldwell remembering her first kiss from George Harrison, there are also moments that make you cringe. When a member of American tribute band ”1964” remembers meeting George Martin, and mimicking his accent in horrible mock-Scouse accent, it’s a real low point.

The film is a mixture of really personal memories and recollections, but because there are so many clips, the film never gets deeper into any of the stories, and you feel you’re only scratching at the surface.

So yes, if you want personal memories, seen through rose-tinted glasses, this dvd is for you. There are some really lovely pictures and film clips, but in the end, it remains a fan’s video and love letter, worthy maybe, for the lovely stories, but not for multiple viewings.


  1. Loved this movie! I disagree with this review, I thought this film was very charming, and I found the Jimmy Pou story (the chap from "1964") quite funny and well-told. Not sure why the reviewer had an issue with the mimicking of Sir Martin's accent, as it was all in good fun and clearly no offense was meant. There are other stories full of surprises and great laughs. Can't recommend "Beatles Stories" enough!
    - Pete C.

  2. Reviews are all a matter of opinion, and thanks for adding your views too!