Thursday 31 January 2013

Review: Angie McCartney's Beatles Celebration

Review by Donna Jackson

The official book launch for Angie McCartney's memoirs took place at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall last night.

As well as containing memories of her fascinating life, the book, "My Long and Winding Road: the first 82.9 Years" contains a selection of family photographs, many of which feature Paul.

The book is sure to be of interest to many Beatle fans and we are delighted to announce that we have FIVE copies to give away in a forthcoming competition so WATCH THIS SPACE for a full review of the book and the competition details!

The magic of Beatles music is such that it is guaranteed to get the room rocking and last night was no exception!  Bands from around the world entertained the crowd with a selection of songs from the Beatles' full catalogue.

The Tetrads from Japan opened the show and they were absolutely adorable!  Even though their knowledge of English is limited, they each made a speech thanking the crowd and expressing their joy at being in Liverpool.  They performed songs from the early years including Love Me Do, Roll Over Beethoven and I'll Get You with energy and enthusiasm.  It was clear that they loved the music, and it was impossible not to love them back!

The Tetrads
The Backwards from Slovakia and Pangea from the Czech Republic represented Europe with more songs from the concert years.  Pangea, who are Beatle Week favourites, opened the second half of the night's celebration with a lively performance and their musical talent was evident, particularly when 'George' switched to the 12-string guitar for If I Needed Someone.

Pangea from the Czech Republic
The final Beatle tribute band to take the stage was The Fab Beatles from the UK.  In addition to performing a selection of songs from the Beatles 'studio years', they recreated the Apple Rooftop Concert in honour of the 44th anniversary.

The Fab Beatles
In between each band, the big screen showed video clips featuring selections from the book with voice-overs from both Angie and Ruth McCartney, although these did seem to drift into infomercials for Angie's tea business.

The part of last night's celebration that promised the most, but perhaps ended up being the most disappointing, was the discussion panel between Angie, Freda Kelly (the secretary of the Beatles Fan Club), Billy Hatton of the Fourmost (the band who supported the Beatles for Ringo's first performance at Hulme Hall), and Kevin Roach (in the opinion of the BBFC, the best and most reputable Beatles historian in Liverpool).  Unfortunately, because of time pressures, the discussion was limited to one question from each of the panellists to Angie.  Speaking personally, I would have rather had one less band on the bill, and more time for a proper discussion between four people who, between them, could have provided some fascinating and intriguing insight into the one and only Fab Four!

Still, it was a night to remember and, if you missed out last night, it's not too late!  Tickets are still available for tonight's performance!  Click HERE for more information and to buy tickets.

And, even if you can't make it to Liverpool, you needn't miss out!  The show is being streamed live from the Philharmonic's website.  Follow this link after 7.30pm tonight and click on 'Watch'.


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    1. I think the publisher may have chosen the book title

  2. British Beatles Fan Club31 January 2013 at 13:20

    All comments have to go through moderation and I've allowed this for a couple of reasons. The first is we believe that everyone should have the right to express their views ... even if they don't have the courage to sign their name to those views.

    The second is to point out that Angie McCartney is not the first person to make money from the Beatles, nor will she be the last. Tony Bramwell has published a book and is a regular and popular guest at Beatles conventions and festivals. Should we censor his book and memories too?

    We do not believe in censorship. It is up to each individual as to what they choose to buy or read.

    1. Julia Baird, Mike McCartney have also had books published

  3. Went to this show last night was just ok 2 out 5 , Would of been a 3 if The Fab Beatles never came on stage (The best Beatles band , FAR FROM IT ) . The one who played Paul had a good voice but that beard was very bad, made him look like captain birds eye . The best band of the night was the Backwards but still to many bands and not enough talking . Also which i found really strange where was all the Liverpool bands ? I know of at least 4 bands who would of been great for a night like this . As for her selling a book on the back of the Beatles good on her , everyone needs to make a few pounds from something and if its done right then go of it , Just a shame it wasnt done right . Now back to my long and winding road , it has some great picture's in it .

    1. I thought the Fab Beatles were anything BUT Fab

  4. Attended The second Thursday night show and turned out to be a very enjoyable fun evening at Our Philharmonic Hall.People up dancing at the front and in the aisles from the very start , Good Tribute bands ,Angie made eye contact and had a little chat to every one who had their book signed -.Just over half way through and enjoying the memoirs of her eventful Life and the many people she has met along the way from Sir Noel Coward, Prez Bill Clinton, Jessie Jackson, Through to Dudley Moore + David Cassidy( to name just a few)-- and of course many Beatles associates Like Derek Taylor, May Pang .Although Born in the Wirral she comes across as a genuine warm Scouser with an Eye for Fun . A truly great introduction to Mike McCartney (which we all know to be true anyway !) And Money going to Our Linda McCartney center here > Would strongly recommend the book .

  5. The first person to comment should have held judgment until he read Angie's book. She has nothing to say but glowing things about Paul McCartney. Had you read the book first rather than make a snarky comment, I would have taken you more serious.

  6. I was at the second evening and in my personal opinion the best bands were the Czech and Slovak ones. I interviewed Angie the next morning and found her to be a charming and intelligent lady. Those who know the story about her life since marrying Jim would not make any spurious accusations against her. Her book is very interesting and her early life in Liverpool is an eye opener to some. Her interview was plaayed on my BeatlesandBeyond Radio Show and is available upon request