Monday 11 March 2013

"Let It Be" moving to the Garrick Theatre

UPDATE:  As of Feb 27, 2015 The show has moved to the Garrick Theater.  Get Tickets here

Review by Phill Boylett

On Thursday February 28, BBFC member Jim Eades and myself made our way to the lovely old Savoy Theatre in London to see the Beatles musical Let It Be.

We arrived at the theatre just after 7pm and were delighted to find that our seats were right in the middle of the stalls so we had a really excellent view of the show.

Prior to the show starting the audience was treated to a visual show on a huge screen on the front of the stage showing old 60s adverts and clips of old TV shows like Till death us do part to the sound of classic 60s hit songs. Dead on half past 7 the screen rose and we greeted to the sight of the 4 Beatles in a cavern setting who started off the show with a rousing version of "I saw her standing there." The sound was excellent and it was like being taken right back to the early 1960s

The first half of the show then continued chronologically taking in the Royal Variety show, their conquering of American, the Hard Day's Night film, Shea stadium up to Sgt Pepper. The were short breaks between these while costumes and instruments were changed and with each new setting, we were treated to all the hits with the performers adopting all the mannerisms especially of John of the time. The first half closed with "A Day in the Life" which was just spectacular. About midway through the first half of the show the 4 performers had been joined by a Wix Wickens type player who added all the brass, orchestra and other additional instruments required and "A Day in the Life" was given the full treatment with many psychedelic effects going on around the stage too.

After the interval the show then flipped back and forth between Magical Mystery Tour, Rubber Soul, the White album, Let It Be and Abbey Road. Sometimes they had an acoustic set and sometimes a full rock set.

The performances and effects were absolutely faithful to the originals and as a life long Beatles fan I found myself forgetting these weren’t the real thing quite soon after the show had started.

This show is must see for any Beatles fan or lover of 60’ music and I really can’t recommend it highly enough. An absolutely brilliant evening.

As the Beatles told us. A splendid time is certainly guaranteed for all.

The souvenirs for sale are rather on the expensive side, though no more than at a rock concert, with items such as t-shirts, key-rings and programmes.

I bought a programme for £6 but it has a lot of information about the show and a lot of excellent photographs so not bad value really.


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