Saturday 31 May 2014

"Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records" is now available to view on HULU

"Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records" is now available to view on HULU
The extraordinary story of a most extraordinary record label
In 1968, under a haze of publicity, The Beatles opened their collective door to all manner of musicians, writers and artists. Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records is the story of a record label which came to exist under extraordinary circumstances, produced some extraordinary records and was operated under the most extraordinary guidelines.



"Pleasantly surprising in its detail, 'Strange Fruit -- The Beatles' Apple Records' should satisfy the die hard fans of the Beatles, as well as more casual music enthusiasts looking for balanced, informed account of the last throes of the band and their risky, curious venture of running a label." 
-Kevin Jagernauth, INDIEWIRE
"This is an excellent overview of an often overlooked aspect of the Fab Four's legacy. Easily earning a Highly Recommended rating, it's perfect for the purist and novice alike. Today, many artists have their own boutique label. Sadly, few seemed to have learn the lessons taught to them by the biggest band in the history of music - and their own egoinfused folly." 
-Bill Gibron, DVD TALK
"An excellent documentary film which has been well researched and edited. With experts like Apple biographer Stefan Granados, it presents a great insight into Apple Records and will be a fab addition to any fan's library." 

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