Saturday 27 September 2014

Let It Be DC - Tickets on Sale Now!

Let It Be DC is back again and promises to be even better the second time around!  This fantastic event is not only  amazingly fun, but it also benefits the musical community making it a win-win for everyone.  
The British Beatles Fan Club interviewed organizer Neal Green to find out more about this event and we think you will agree that it promises to be a fabulous night of fun.  The full interview is below.

The BBFC will be attending so if any BBFC members also come, please send us a message to let us know you'll be there or wear your lapel pin on the night so we can meet up and say "hello".  

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Interview with Neal Green, Let It Be DC Organizer

BBFC: This is the second Let It Be DC event you’ve organized. What prompted you to develop this event? 
Neal: This idea, was born a year ago from a conversation with some friends around a dinner table. We were discussing the different ways the Musicianship was looking to raise funds. I was discussing the need for a concert to celebrate the music of the British invasion. I made the statement we should put the together a British Invasion concert to benefit the MusicianShip, and from there the rest was history. Let It Be DC was born. 
BBFC: Have you done this sort of thing before? 
Neal: Last years Let IT Be DC event was the first time I had ever worked in the music field. I jumped in with both feet and with a little help from many of my friends in the local music industry we successfully pulled it off. If you build it they will come. 

BBFC: This event supports a charity called The Musicianship. How and why did you select this particular organization to support? 
Neal: What better choice than an organization that provides all facets of training in the field of music to children that are at risk and in areas where music education has been budgeted out of the public schools. We are providing for our future by supporting these children with opportunity. Summer music camps, after school music activities and more. 
BBFC: How did you select the three bands that are schedule to perform? 
Neal: Let It Be DC is very blessed to have three local bands, The English Channel, The Apple Core, and The GoodFellas, they have been performing for a wide variety of audiences from small intimate venues to large international audiences. 

The GoodFellas, has even been invited to Liverpool for Beatles week and played the Famous Cavern Club. The English Channel will be playing at the 2015 Abbey Road On The River Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. A five day event that rivals all Beatle festivals. We will be raffling off at Let It Be DC a five day “Ticket to Ride” to the festival to raise money for the MusicianShip. 
BBFC: There are different ticket price levels available. What does a VIP ticket include? 
Neal: Our VIP guests will get early admission to the event and the opportunity to meet the bands and our amazing MC, Hillary Howard. Our VIP’s also get reserved seating at the front of the Ballroom and a complimentary beverage. 
BBFC: Is there accommodation available for people who might want to come from outside the immediate area? 
Neal: Lansdowne Resort has really gone the extra mile for our guests and us! Lansdowne is offering rooms that normally go for $200.00 or more for an incredible $129.00! You have a choice between a king bed room or two twin beds. The rooms are beautiful! 
BBFC: I see on the website that there will be a Late Night Band Jam and a sing-a-long? What exactly is that? Will all three bands be playing together? 
Neal: We have a wonderful group of musicians who love the fans and fans that love our musicians. We are “family”! The Band Jam brings us all together at the end of the event and lets us celebrate that togetherness that is the music. It’s a fantastic experience! The sing-a-long is another tradition at these types of events. Having the event at Lansdowne Resort gives us the ability to continue the fun after the concert. Its for those who love to sing and those who love to play instruments to come together and go to the wee hours getting to know each other and enjoy. 
BBFC: What else do you want our readers to know about you, the bands or the event? 
Neal: This event Let it Be DC is an expression of what music of the British Invasion is all about, LOVE! Let It Be DC lets us come together and celebrate, while we afford the next generation the opportunity to do the same. Music, all music, brings us together, and together we can accomplish great things! 

Find out more:
Event Website
Let It Be DC Facebook Page
The website
Get your tickets (Early bird pricing ends Oct 15)


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  1. Looking forward to another great LETITBEDC event, and also to seeing all of our friends there!
    Ray Futran, The GoodFellas