Wednesday 1 April 2015

Tribute to Cynthia Lennon 1939-2015

I first met Cynthia at the book launch for Stu at the Royal Academy of Arts in 2002. The book was written by Stuart Sutcliffe's sister Pauline and Cynthia had an input into the book.

She was very supportive of Pauline at the event and she mingled amongst those of us invited.

She kindly signed for me as we had a glass of wine and came across as a very polite and normal human being.

In 2005 it was her turn to promote her book simply called John. Some of us from the BBFC attended a signing at Foyles in London. She was quietly spoken at the interview and spoke fondly of John throughout. I asked her what Julian was up to and she replied that he was working on new material.

After the interview she signed copies and posed for photographs.

These two meetings rank highly in my Beatle events and I will always treasure those few moments where we spoke.

Our thoughts are with Julian and everyone close to Cynthia at this time, and hope that people respect their privacy at this time.

Thank you Cyn. God bless you. May you rest in peace.
~ Ernie Sutton, BBFC Treasurer 


  1. RIP cynthia powell
    just found out
    you were married to my hero john
    he must have loved you once pre norwegian wood
    You were nicer than yoko
    even that appaling single you made was better than yokos vocals which some beatles fans claim to like (really)?

    1. Appaling? Really? It wasn't that bad. She's a 10000 times better than yoko singing wise