Saturday 26 September 2015

Review: Dung Beatles in Aylesbury

Aylesbury Canal Society September 19th 2015.

The Aylesbury Canal Society celebrated a move to a new home and the 200th anniversary of the Aylesbury Arm.

The Dung Beatles, Steve, Phil, Danny and Mike, performed here for a private dinner for members and invited guests.

Their two sets ran to over 50 songs, many of which came from the earlier catalogue and especially selected for the audience.

The first set began with "Please Please Me"and progressed through well known songs from 1963, including "Thank You Girl" featuring a great harmonica from Danny. 

After switching to acoustic guitars, a number featuring Mike on vocals for the first time was "Act Naturally". Unfortunately the microphone failed here, but Phil stepped in quickly after realising what had happened. It was a pity for Mike, on his first vocal for the band. The professionalism showed through though duly covering the failing microphone.

The band ventured into 1964 and "I'm a Loser was well received, but had no harmonica part as the original did. I'm sure Danny, after the superb "Thank You Girl" could eventually cover the harmonica on "Im a Loser" just as well.

Songs from 1965 followed including a debut for "Michelle", not previously performed by the band, and beautifully sung by Danny, including the part in French.

A mixture of numbers followed from various years plus a solo McCartney number "Every Night", where the three piece harmonies of Phil, Steve and Danny were superb.

"Can't Buy me Love", however, started with distorted vocals, and the first set came to a close with a great rendition of "The Ballad of John and Yoko".

After a 20 minute break, the band returned and started with "She Loves You". Hit after hit followed including excellent covers of "Drive my Car" and "Day Tripper", both in vocals and musicianship.

"Paperback Writer" followed where the harmonies need some tweaking to improve.

They were now venturing into the later period and "Sgt Pepper" had the dance floor full. Things were building to a great finale. "Lucy in the Sky", "Back in the USSR", had the place rocking.

"Come Together" saw Danny Improvise a superb guitar solo when it seemed the song was going to restart, again superb ad libbing and professionalism shown.

With rockers to finish,  which included a superb drum solo by Mike on "Roll Over Beethoven", "A Hard Days Night" closed the show, but the audience wanted more and the band obliged with "Twist and Shout" and "Hey Jude".

Danny was superb on lead guitar and occasionally switching with Steve. Mikes drumming was excellent, and Phil gave a solid performance on bass.

Another great gig, despite a few hiccups, but with over 50 songs in the set list, the band can be excused the odd mistake.

The crowd loved it. Here's to the next one. Go see this band, if you can, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

We should also mention that the day was not just about the gig, but a superb day was organised by the Aylesbury Canal Society, including stalls, dancers, open boats and food. Brian Barnes from the society deserves a special mention for all his efforts.

Set list;
Please Please Me/From Me to You/Thank You Girl/It Won't be Long/All My Loving/Act Naturally/Love Me Do/This Boy/I'll be Back/Eight Days a Week/Things we Said Today/I'm a Loser/No Reply/I've Just Seen a Face/Norwegian Wood/Michelle/Good Day Sunshine/Every Night/We Can Work it Out/Here Comes the Sun/I Should Have Known Better/Nowhere Man/Help!/You're Gonna Lose That Girl/I Feel Fine/Can't Buy Me Love/The Ballad of John and Yoko.

Second set;
She Loves You/I Want to Hold Your Hand/any Time at All/Ticket to Ride/Drive my Car/Day Tripper/Paperback Writer/Taxman/Dr Robert/Sgt Pepper/With a Little Help From my Friends"/Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds/Magical Mystery Tour/Back in the USSR/Ob La Di Ob La Da/Come Together/Something/Get Back/I Saw Her Standing There/One After 909/Roll Over Beethoven/You Can't Do That/A Hard Days Night/Twist and Shout/Hey Jude.

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