Sunday 24 July 2016

Macca: The Paul McCartney Story - Coming in 2017

A new production about to launch in major UK/ European theatres from 2017
Macca: The Paul McCartney Story 

Reuniting the cast of the Hit West End musical, ‘Let it Be’ and starring Emanuele Angeletti as Paul McCartney, this is a celebration of the life and music of a legend. The show includes all of McCartney’s solo hits along with a few Beatles favourites and a spectacular recreation of the ‘Wings Over The World' 1975-6 Concert Tour. 

Using state of the art visual media projection throughout, this show is unrivalled within the current theatre circuit today.

Experience the drama of “Live and Let Die”, the pathos of “No More Lonely Nights” and the nostalgia of “Band on the Run” alongside many, many more..

Angeletti has all the Macca charm one would hope for (Musical theatre review - London)

Emanuele Angeletti is an uncanny carbon-copy of Paul (The Telegraph)

Emanuele Angeletti has Paul McCartney’s mannerisms down to a T (The Guardian)

The brilliant Emanuele Angeletti. From the cheeky smiles to the foot tapping and nods to the audience, his interpretation of Paul is quite simply perfect. Along with the accompanying vocals of a captive audience, this moment defined Angeletti as one of the best, if not the best, musician to have performed as McCartney. (The low down magazine - Liverpool)

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