Thursday 22 March 2018

Mersey Boys: A Letter From Al Moran

“Mersey Boys: A Letter From Al Moran,” a ten-minute concept film about the Beatles, has been submitted to several film festivals. The movie was produced by Celtic Badger Media Films of Limerick, Ireland, and was shot in Galway and Wicklow, Ireland in October of 2018.
The film was directed by Paddy Murphy who also adapted the screenplay from the original novel, “Mersey Boys,” by American author Steven Gerard Farrell (Celtic-Badger Publishers, 2013).
The Beatles are played by Irish actors Robert Bourtke (John), Mikey Casey (Paul) and Ben Collopy (George). Irish actor Fiach Kunz is the male lead (Professor Al Moran) and British actor Jessica (Ginny Browne) is the female lead.

Veteran British actor Graham Gill (Squire Clancy), American actors Rachel Cobb (Moira Moran) and Steven Gerard Farrell (Gerard Moran) round-out the international cast.

Cast & crew (Robbie Milton)
Jessica Messenger (Paddy Murphy)

Paddy Murphy and Steven G. Farrell (Rachel Cobb)
Film Cover: Mikey Casey, Robert Bourke,  Fiach Kunz & Ben Collopy (Robbie Milton)

Mikey Casey, Robert Bourke & Ben Collopy (Robbie Milton)

Steven Gerard Farrell and Rachel Cobb (Robbie Milton)

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