Saturday 10 October 2020

Book Review - Murder of a Multitude, a Beatles themed mystery


Murder of a Multitude

By Dexter James
Published Independently, August 2020
Price: UK £8.02 US $10.50 (also available as an ebook)
ISBN-13: 979-8675957330

This book will slip under the radar of most Beatles fans because the title doesn’t reference the Fab Four, but for those Beatles fans who also enjoy murder mysteries, this is a must read.

The second book in the Mario Simpson book series concerns a serial killer at loose in New York City. The victims are not random but targeted because of their first names. Young women whose names appear in Beatles songs are being murdered on the anniversary dates that the songs matching their names were released.

Although the clever detective figures out this pattern quickly, the wily killer is frustratingly frequently one step ahead and the politically minded police commissioner exasperatingly obstructive.

The book was a fast and fun read. While it is a murder mystery, the killer is identified quite early in the story and the majority of the book is the fast-paced, race to apprehend the culprit before more victims are murdered. Beatles fans reading will enjoy the lyric-based clues which add an interesting extra layer to the story, but readers who don’t know anything about the Beatles will still have a gripping story to read and enjoy that has clever twists to keep the reader hooked.

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