Wednesday 11 November 2020

Review - without the beatles by David Johnson

without the beatles (A possible history of pop)

by David Johnson

Available as Free PDF download from by emailing the author at

Now this is a book that will not take up any room on your already groaning shelves, as it is an e-book! Yay!

Aussie David Johnson took 5 years to complete this 239 pager and instead of taking the time and effort to fight with publishers to have his work published, he decided to make his work available to all in the form of an online free PDF.

'Without The Beatles' is a musical journey divided into 3 sections 1. Before The Beatles, 2. Without The Beatles and 3. After The Beatles. All of those take us through a plotted musical history of the 1960s with a twist. What if there had never been The Beatles? What would have been the fate of the other Liverpool bands without the Beatles at the forefront? Over in America the musical landscape would have been very different without their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964. Just think of how many bands may not have formed if they had not made that TV appearance? It’s mind boggling. This PDF therefore is a written version of the movie "Yesterday", sort of.

The only thing that constantly caught my proof reading eye was the annoying way that the song titles were typed out, for instance, ‘Day tripper’, with a small ‘t’ instead of a capital ‘T’. Then later on ‘Paperback writer’, instead of ‘Paperback Writer’. Seemed an odd oversight to me, otherwise very well written and researched, however I did not find anything I had not read before. So, with no photos or illustrations, this turns into a reference/history book (if ever actually printed) and something that would be suitable for a library or school, which is not a bad thing.

I enjoyed it and as it was a free download you cannot go wrong, can you?

Craig Smith

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