Wednesday 23 December 2020

Review - It's All Too Much by David Stark - Wonderful read


By David Stark.

This Day in Music Books ISBN 978 1 8380708 1 6 RRP £14.99

This new book is something I would have love to have written.

David Stark has been a Beatle fan for virtually all his life, and this book tells his story. It is not your normal Beatle fan story (collected the records, went to gigs), this one goes much further.

David was born and grew up in London. He became a Beatle fan after hearing ‘Please Please Me’ on the radio.

In 1964 while on holiday with his parents in Torquay he was lucky enough to meet Clive Epstein, the younger brother of Beatle manager Brian Epstein. In early 1965 he went with his parents to ‘Another Beatles Christmas Show’ at the Hammersmith Odeon.

David was now on a mission to meet his idols. In 1968 he gate-crashed the premier of the film Yellow Submarine ending up in the seat immediately behind Paul and sitting next to Keith Richards.

Over the years Dave met The Beatles on numerous occasions obtaining their autographs and exchanging a few words, not just in the 60s.

He would eventually meet Paul at Graduation Day at LIPA in 2011.

In between there are so many exciting meetings not just with The Beatles. He has also met Freda Kelly (original Fan Club secretary), Olivia Harrison, Julian Lennon, Cynthia Lennon, and Sir George Martin, plus many more people associated with The Beatles.

The book tells stories of The Beatles you would not have heard anywhere else. It is beautifully written with pictures from David’s own personal archive.

David also plays drums in the tribute band The Trembling Wilburys.

Of all the Beatle books I have read this year, this one is the best.

 ~ Ernie Sutton.

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