Thursday 10 December 2020

Review - Moptops' Fables - This wonderful book is not just for children

Moptops’ Fables

By Robert Haynes

Published 2019

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This delightful children’s book was a lovely surprise to review. Author Robert Haynes has crafted clever life lessons in fable format starring John, Paul, George, and Ringo interacting with many of the animals that have featured in their songs.  The tales meld imaginary events with real life facts about the Beatles.  Each fable is not only interesting and unique, but the illustrations (also by Robert Haynes) are delightful and appealing.  Some of the animals featured include monkeys, pigs, birds, dogs an octopus and a tiger. 

There are twelve fables in all and each one revolves around a particular song.  For example, “Paul and the Blackbird” merges the true facts about the civil rights movement inspiration for the song with an imaginary tale of a blackbird flying onto Paul’s shoulder in his back garden and Paul noting that this bird has the freedom to fly where he likes and leads Paul to write a song about the need for fewer cages and more freedom.  The ultimate lesson is that our similarities on the inside are more important that the differences we see on the outside.

This book would make the perfect gift for the young children in your life.  While reading the book and sharing its lessons with those children in your life, you will also be able to share your love of The Beatles Music and the real-life lessons of love and inclusion that is present in so many Beatles compositions.  Even though I have no young children in my life, I still want a copy of this book for the illustrations alone.  It is a joyful happy book that will entertain us all.

~ Michele Copp

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