Saturday 17 September 2022

Review - "Shake It Up Beverly" fun Beatle Fiction


Suzan Holder.
One More Chapter Publications.
ISBN 9780008522087.

The first novel by Suzan Holder is about Beverley Wilson, Beatles fan and a widow with three children.

She lives in Paul McCartney’s former childhood home in the suburbs of Liverpool (not Forthlin Road I should add).

After many years as a widow, she decides to approach a dating agency and “Get Back” to life with a partner.

There are many disastrous dates, some of which are particularly funny to read.

There are lots of Beatle song references in the book “I Should Have Known Better” she says after one disastrous date. After many dates, she meets a fellow Beatle fan called Scott. He reignites her love for The Fab Four.

It sets her off on a journey to find her mother, who she had thought was her elder sister as a child and had been a girlfriend of Ringo Starr. Her friend Tanya had met Paul McCartney a couple of times through her work, but nothing could prepare her when Paul himself turns up at her home. Paul helps her come to terms with the press who are camped outside her home following a piece on the local news.

The story is very well written, easy to follow, romantic and humorous.

Will she find love? Will she find her mum?

You will have to read it to find out.

We don’t normally review novels, but this one is worthy of a review.

~Ernie Sutton.

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