Monday 1 August 2011

The Beatelles Get Back to the Cavern

The Beatelles, an all-girl Beatles tribute band from Liverpool, performed an amazing set in the Cavern Club on Sunday July 31.

The band -- Catherine Cook on rhythm guitar, Louisa Roach on bass guitar, Stephanie Kennedy on lead guitar and Nadine Kemp on drums -- opened with Get Back, and it was quickly very clear that the girls were back where they belong – on the Cavern’s front stage!  The set covered the full range of the Beatles repertoire, from “Please Please Me” to a really great, and original, version of “For You Blue”. 

Songs from the White Album featured heavily, and it was great to hear rarer tracks such as “Everyone’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey” and “Why Don’t We Do It In the Road” played live.  

The set concluded with a wonderful version of “Helter Skelter”, combining both the Anthology interpretation with the White Album version. 

The Beatelles are not only all wonderfully talented musicians, but also really lovely people who performed with grace, dignity, and sheer professionalism.  It is always a pleasure and a privilege to watch them play.  My only complaint was that the set wasn’t long enough, but the great news is that the Beatelles will be performing in the Cavern on Sundays throughout August (with a break because of their appearance at the Scottish Beatles Weekend in Dundee).

For more information on the Beatelles, click here

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  1. what a brilliant write up hun, i look forward to seeing them at some point on my future trips to liverpool x