Friday 5 August 2011

Beautiful Nights in Chicago!

review by Craig Smith

“hot time, summer in the city…………..”

Paul’s short “On the Run” tour passed through Chicago’s historic Wrigley Field stadium and I was lucky enough to attend both shows. Having avoided the city for 6 years the anticipation was electric by the time Sir Paul took the stage for the 1st concert on 31st July.

On this beautiful, but hot and steamy night, Paul and band ripped through all the regular Macca concert fodder and a few surprises to boot. Obvious highlights were new tour songs, ‘Juniors Farm’ (absolutely amazing to hear), ‘The Night Before’ and ‘I Will’. Personal favourite ‘Sing The Changes’ was great to hear too and ‘Live and Let Die’ included an amazing array of fireworks over the ancient ballpark, and as always was a crowd pleaser.
The second equally humid night, featured 5 different songs, albeit Beatle songs, but the inclusion of ‘I’m Looking Through You’ was a real surprise. The band seemed a bit looser than the previous night and Paul fluffed the lines on at least 4 songs and the finale of ‘Golden Slumbers’ was totally missed by the whole band. That slip aside the whole experience was incredible and I am so happy to have been a part of it.

Read my full review in issue 42 of the BBFC Magazine (due out in September)

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