Monday 21 May 2012

Meanwhile back in Penny Lane

There beneath the blue suburban skies

In the song Penny Lane, Paul sang about a community. Today, the spirit of his song lives on in the work being carried out by the Penny Lane Development Trust.

The PLDT with Dovedale Towers in the background

The PLDT is a registered charity. Their aim is to work within the local community to promote a safe and healthy place to live and work. They work with all groups in the community by providing a variety of innovative activities and projects. In addition to this, they are committed to conserving the environment and sharing their experience with others. After all, as they say, Penny Lane is not just any lane!

The PLDT does not just want to serve the local community though, they also want to welcome Beatle fans from around the world and allow them to share a part of the place that inspired the Beatles. Visitors are always welcome -- if the gates aren't open, just ring the doorbell. 

Inside, the centre there's a wonderful exhibition area, featuring rare photos of early performances by the Quarrymen (donated by Rod Davies), and a letter of support from Paul's brother, Mike:

There's also a miniature version of the PLDT, lovingly hand-made and donated by Jude Inglis:

The grounds are beautiful, and include gardens dedicated to George and John ... as well as Ringo's Octopus' Garden! 

You can see the fabulous mural -- the Wonderwall:

And you can sign the sign the wall and therefore be a part of Penny Lane forever.

There's also a picnic area where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings, or the lovely butties and cakes that you can buy from the Penny Lane Cake Shop (feature in the Free As A Bird video) across the road.

St Barnabas Church, where Paul was a choirboy, in the
The PLDT does request that all visitors either make a donation to the charity, or buy some of the wonderful souvenirs that are available (and which can only be purchased on site). 

For more information about this wonderful charity, click here

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