Tuesday 6 September 2011

Save the Clubmoor Conny Club -- How You Can Help!

The Clubmoor Conny Club is arguably as important in the story of Lennon-McCartney and the Beatles as St Peter's Church Hall, the Casbah or the Cavern. For anyone who doesn't know, it was there, on October 18th, 1957, that Paul officially performed with the Quarrymen for the first time. (As with many events in history, there are often arguments about historic 'firsts', but this gig was the first time that the Quarrymen including Paul, were paid for performing, so, for me, this is the first official gig.)

The club back then was called the New Clubmoor Hall. A framed poster in the hall tells the story this way:
"One of the most important dates played by The Quarrymen was on July 6, 1957. This was the day that Paul and John met. On July 20, 1957 Paul was asked to join the Quarrymen as a member. He started rehearsing with the group but didn't appear with them until October 18, 1957, at the New Clubmoor Hall, Norris Green, Liverpool. Paul played lead guitar on this one occasion and because of nerves flubbed his solo while performing Arthur Smith's "Guitar Boogie Shuffle." It was after this performance that the Lennon/McCartney songwriting partnership was born. Paul was upset by how badly he played and to impress John, he showed John a song he had written, "I Lost My Little Girl". John then showed Paul a few songs he'd written and it was then that John and Paul started writing songs together."

The people at the Clubmoor Conny are really, really fabulous, and always make Beatle fans very welcome when they visit.  The club has live music every weekend (non-members can attend for just £1.00 entry fee), and so (with a bit of imagination!), there's a chance to relive that magical night of 1957.

The bad news is that the Clubmoor Conny is in financial trouble and under serious threat of closure -- which, for many Beatles fans would be an absolute tragedy.  Unless the Club can raise £20,000 in a very short period of time, another piece of Beatles history will be lost forever.

Jackie Spencer, one of the best and most passionate tour guides in Liverpool, is leading a campaign to Save the Clubmoor Conny.  She says, "Beatle people are amongst the most generous Across The Universe. If you can donate anything to help save Clubmoor Hall, then please visit my website, or please join a new annual Worldwide Membership Scheme to become a member of the elite club where Lennon and McCartney first played together."

Click here to visit Jackie's website, where you can find out more about the campaign to Save the Clubmoor Conny and donate to this very worthy cause.

A donation of as little as £1.00 could be enough to save a vital part of Beatles history!

Please help if you can.

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