Monday 31 October 2011

Exclusive – Paying a Real Tribute to George

On November 29, performers and fans from around the world will be gathering in Liverpool to pay tribute to George Harrison.

In addition to a concert in the Cavern Club in the evening (tickets still available; see below for details), St George’s Hall will host the Free Concert for George during the afternoon. Although the concert is free, entry is by ticket only and the sad news – unless you’re one of the lucky ones to already get a ticket – is that all the tickets have now been allocated.

The really wonderful thing about this concert, though, is that none of the performers are being paid for their appearance at this event. They are participating solely because they want to be able to pay tribute to George, and perhaps, in their own way, give something back to a man who has been such a positive influence in their, and our, lives. Not only that, but the organiser of the event has confirmed that Jeff Slate and Brute Force are flying in at their own expense from New York!

That George can inspire such generosity of time and spirit is further evidence of why he merits such tributes. It is not just his talent and music that will be honoured on November 29. As the organiser of the Free Concert for George told the BBFC, “It is indeed a measure of the man that they seek to show their love and admiration for George - and that is why it is the way it is.”

The line-up for this great event (though still subject to change) is:

Tsema (from Liverpool)
The Rebels (from Oxford and Bath)
Singh Strings (from Leicester)
The Liverpool Ukelele Orchestra
The Mersey Beatles
The Radha Krishna Temple (from Hertfordshire and probably Scotland too)
Jeff Slate (New York)
Brute Force (New York) backed by Misty's Big Adventure (Birmingham)
Andre Barreau (London)
Compere: Mike Byrne (Liverpool)

However it is not just the performers who deserve thanks for making this wonderful event possible. Also worthy of a round of applause are:

The Hard Day’s Night Hotel (for providing accommodation for Jeff Slate and Brute Force)
Premier Apartments Liverpool
The Lord Mayor’s Office (for agreeing that the flag over St George’s Hall should be flown at half-mast in honour of George)

St George's Hall
Liverpool City Council
Bill Heckle of Cavern City Tours
The Hare Krishnas, who will be feeding the Artistes, Crew and Audience for free after the Free Concert

Although all the tickets have been allocated for the Free Concert For George, tickets are still available for the tribute concert that will be held in the Cavern Club in the evening, with many of the same performers who will be appearing in the afternoon. For more details, or to buy tickets, visit the Cavern Club website by clicking here

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  1. I have just got home from a day spent at the tribute concerts in St Georges Hall and The Cavern. Liverpool has done George proud, it was a very happy day, with everyone celebrating the one thing we all have in common....a love for George. A sweet soul, who we all miss. Thanks to evereyone involved for a fantastic day.