Tuesday 14 February 2012

Video: Paul at the Photoshoot for Kisses on the Bottom

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Paul McCartney lit up the Grammy stage on Sunday with 2 memorable performances, one being “My Valentine” from his new release Kisses On The Bottom, in stores now. 

Check out what critics are saying and catch a glimpse of Sir Paul behind the scenes on-set of the photo shoot for the new album. 

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“As he sang all those years ago in a slightly defensive tone: “Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs/ And what’s wrong with that?” By sticking to his guns and insisting on being himself, he has answered his own question: nothing at all.” –THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Kisses On The Bottom is the sound of a musician joyfully tapping his roots.” –ROLLING STONE

4 stars«««« “Paul McCartney takes on the great American songbook. The result? Vintage Macca. Covers albums can be the last resort of the creatively bankrupt. This is nothing of the sort — it is the work of a man at the top of his game.” – DAIL MAIL

“So comfortable and energized does McCartney sound that the question is not why he decided to make a vocal jazz record, but why he hasn’t done it before.” –THE WASHINGTON POST

“Romantic bliss radiates from this newlywed's lovingly crafted collection of sentimental oldies.”

“He loves this material and it shows....The greatest compliment you can pay McCartney's two originals is that it is impossible to pick them out as contemporary songs among the standards.....”My Valentine” has the ring of a classic, with a gorgeous descending cadence and perfectly pitched romantic sentiment, gilded with a light-fingered acoustic solo from Eric Clapton.” —TELEGRAPH

“At the age of 69, Paul McCartney has never sounded more subtle, warm and comfortable voicing a lyric as he does here. What a surprise! Kisses On The Bottom is a winner from beginning to end.” –PASTE

“McCartney treats the material with respect, exuding charm by the bucket load.” – MOJO

««««4 stars “This sweetly conceived tenderly sung collection of classics such as Paper Moon and Ac-Cen-Tchu-Ate The Positive is his finest album in years.” – DAILY MIRROR

“A tender listen steeped in personal history, one that’s a breed apart from the rest of the schlock standards still clogging the trad-pop racks.” – OC REGISTER

“A fantastic new arrow for Cupid’s quiver — from top to ‘Bottom.’” – NEW YORK POST

4 stars«««« “An album of standards from Paul McCartney is long overdue. This album is made with care, love and expertise and it shows on every song .” – UNCUT

4 stars«««« “It’s beautifully done, with palpable affection for the songs, airy whimsy and perhaps a hint of mischief.” –The GUARDIAN


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  1. I LOVE this video!! Have you guys seen the video Paul did for PETA: www.meat.org so inspirational!