Thursday 12 April 2012

The Magical History Tour - Newquay, Cornwall to West Malling, Kent

This nostalgic fun-packed commemorative trip celebrates 45 years since the making of The Beatles' third and most controversial film.

This is an opportunity for people to see the very distinctive Magical Mystery Tour bus back on the road, and it will no doubt evoke memories along the way.  It is a near 300 mile journey, taking - we estimate about 7 hours, so we'll be seen by many during the trip.

For the people at our destination for instance, it will be the first time they'll have seen the MMT colours since the goup were there filming in their bus all those years ago!

This venture commences on Friday 20th April, leaving Newquay Bus Station at 9am and heading for the south east where the folks of West Malling are already gearing up for our arrival.

We spend two nights in that historic market town, also visiting Knole Park in nearby Severnoaks, and our MMT replica bus is the main attraction at the popular monthly 'Farmers Market' in the centre of West Malling on Sunday 22nd April just prior to our return to Cornwall.

This tour is brimming with Beatle and 60s nostalgia. The spacious and beautiful Knole Park is where the Fab Four filmed the promo films for Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny lane.

Newquay and West Malling respectively, are the two eventual destinatiions used by The Beatles in September '67 for their location filming, predictably causing great excitement in both places.

This three-day package costs £170 pp inclusive of B&B accommodation and the trip to Severnoaks, and a social evening on the Saturday night with the fans of the West Malling area. We are now filling seats on the bus for the trip, first come first serve, and it is already creating interest with Beatles and 60s fans. There are various pick-up points for the trip, including Exeter.

For more information, or to book:
Main booking line: 0871 218 3636, option 6
Sandra or Ted on 07970721580
or visit the official websites: or

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