Tuesday 12 June 2012

Beatle-themed Jewellery from Joanne's Beads

Check out this fabulous Beatle-themed jewellery from Joanne’s Beads! 

Each piece is hand-made, and therefore can be designed to your personal requirements (subject to copyright restrictions on the use of images/logos). Her beautiful beadwork is in high demand; even Yoko Ono owns pieces of her work!

This charm bracelet was made in honour of John Lennon 70th birthday in 2010. The charms represent John's life and includes the words to some of his most famous songs, as well as an apple, a strawberry, a guitar and a pair of John’s trademark round glasses. And of course it includes a dove of peace. 

This Paul McCartney charm bracelet includes a photo of Paul (Joanne’s Beads owns the copyright for the pic) as well as a guitar, piano, frog (who can forget Rupert and the Frog Chorus?!) a ram, and a heart (for all of Paul’s Silly Love Songs). 

The bracelet for George features charms that represent George’s musical talent, themes from his songs and his love of peace.

The Ringo Starr charm bracelet has charms that each represent Ringo or a famous song or album: peace and love, drums, a camera, an octopus and a bee (Honey Don’t)!

If you can’t choose which Beatle you’d like to have represented on your wrist, how about something like this bracelet with charms of peace and love (the main themes of the Beatles)?!

Joanne has also made jewellery for fans of tribute bands that play the music of the Beatles. This can only be made with the permission of the tribute band involved, but it does made a very special memento of your favourite band! 

Thanks to the Mersey Beatles for giving
their permission for this bracelet 

Thanks to the Rockits for giving
their permission for this bracelet

These are just examples of pieces that have been created by Joanne’s Beads. As well as bracelets, Joanne can make matching necklaces, ear-rings and key-rings.

For more information, including prices, or to order a piece of unique and special jewellery, contact Joanne at by clicking here or via Joanne’s Beads’ facebook page here 

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