Friday 15 June 2012

Beatle Tours at John Lennon Airport!

A tour with a difference!  Check out the latest blog from APQ for Liverpool John Lennon Airport:

Have you ever travelled through Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport and been surprised to see a shuffling delegation of primary school children on the apron (the area where planes load and unload)? The ones sporting hi-visibility jackets and clutching clipboards. Did you think the airport’s authority was employing underaged ground staff? Don’t let these undersized officials fool you, they were on a school tour.
John Lennon Statue
The bronze John Lennon statue found in the main check-in hall
John Lennon Airport regularly welcomes bands of 7 to 11 year-olds to learn about the history of the airport and how it operates. What separates this particular airport tour from all the rest is the fact that it’s Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The tours also serve as just another way of introducing Liverpool’s Beatlemania to the next generation.
The airport was renamed in honour of celebrated Liverpudlian, John Lennon, in 2002. It’s logo is the sketched self-portrait of the characteristically bespectacled founding band member of The Beatles. Its slogan is “Above us, only sky” – a line from Imagine, Lennon’s peace-inspiring hit song released in 1971. The check-in hall features a 7ft statue of John Lennon sauntering through the crowds. Another dedication to the late singer is at the traffic island near the Hampton by Hilton Hotel (booking offered on this site), where there’s a Yellow Submarine art installation inspired by the song we all know.
The Yellow Submarine Structure at Liverpool Airport
You'll see the Yellow Submarine as you drive up to the airport
The children who visit the John Lennon Airport learn about a man who started in Liverpool, travelled from there and soon became celebrated around the world. This tour may inspire them to have high hopes and imagine the possibilities.

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