Monday 18 June 2012

Happy Birthday Paul!

At Walton Hospital, Liverpool, on June 18, 1942,
a son , James Paul, to Mary and Jim McCartney

Anything we post here cannot possibly do justice to all the many, many tributes being paid to Paul today.  But here's a quick round-up of some of the celebrations and tributes from the city where Paul was born 70 years ago today, as well as some of our favourite links from today!

c. Jean Catherall
The Beatles statue on Cavern Walks, Mathew Street, Liverpool, in the party spirit today!

The Cavern in Liverpool celebrated Paul's birthday with special shows on Saturday and today from the Cavern Club Beatles.  To find out more about events in the Cavern celebrating this special day, click here

And the party will continue on Wednesday at Penny Lane, with a performance from the Mersey Beatles at 3pm (free entry).

Photographs of Paul's amazing life have appeared all over the internet today, but these two compilations are worth checking out.  Click here to see a beautiful tribute from the Liverpool Beatlescene website, and here to visit the website for Time magazine and see their "70 Iconic Images for 70 Years."

And, finally, here's a special tribute from Ringo:

Happy birthday Paul, from everyone at the British Beatles Fan Club!

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