Thursday 19 July 2012

Linda McCartney Honoured at the Penny Lane Development Trust

The weather this summer may have been awful, but even Mother Nature co-operated for the latest event at the Penny Lane Development Trust.  Even the sun made an appearance, and there was a glimpse of the iconic blue suburban skies.

Julie Gornell, of the Penny Lane Development Trust,
welcoming guests to the ceremony

The occasion, as Julie Gornell of the Penny Lane Development Trust, explained to the special guests, was to honour Linda McCartney by planting The McCartney Rose in her memory.  Jean Catharell, who works tirelessly to promote and preserve the Beatles legacy in Liverpool, donated the rose to the PLDT, and performed the planting ceremony.

The McCartney rose, donated by Jean Catharell
in memory of Linda McCartney
In the dedication speech, Jean talked of Paul's love for Linda, and of Linda's love of nature.  She said that she thought that it was only right that Linda be honoured at Penny Lane, a place that meant so much to Paul, in this way.  All those who were privileged to be present at the ceremony agreed!

The very special guests at the ceremony included a group from the "My Life Project."  When they first visited the centre a few weeks ago, the young people said how much they loved it for its peace and calm, and Julie has made them welcome many times since.  It was very easy to see, by the smiles on their faces, just how much the centre means to the group.

The Penny Lane Development Trust makes Beatles fans welcome, but its prime purpose is to serve the community.  The rose-planting ceremony proved, once again, what a wonderful job Julie, and all the staff at the PLDT, do in combining these two very worthy aims!

The special guests gather round the
McCartney rose at the end of the
The Penny Lane Development Trust is on Penny Lane, Liverpool (next to Dovedale Towers).  More details on the Trust, and its work, can be found on its website here

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