Monday 30 July 2012

Review: RAM, Paul McCartney

Review by Catherine Cook
The Beatelles

Artist/Album title: RAM by Paul MCCARTNEY 2012
Label: Apple, EMI

Genre: Rock

RAM is an album that was originally released in 1971, the only album credited to Paul and Linda.

It is set against the backdrop of the legal action taking place with regards to the dissolution of The Beatles partnership and following their break-up. It is also an album that reflects a very important chapter in his life with his love, Linda.

Listening to this album you can hear that the lyrics clearly convey Paul's various emotions throughout.  The accompanying music is a memorising, undulating fusion from early Rock and roll influences through to the open, soft rock sounds of his later work. 

With instruments like the Ukulele appearing more and more in the charts today, and used predominantly on 'Ram On', RAM could almost certainly be a modern day album. It is made up of an array of songs designed around the small pleasures in life, accompanied by huge enjoyable melodies. 

Remastered for renewed enjoyment, It certainly will capture a range of new fans.

It is an album that makes me wish I was with Paul and his family during the writing and recordings due to its personal, and sometimes unofficially controversial, (3 Legs), lyrics.

Recommended for the more established McCartney fan is my particular favourite, Uncle Albert.  The melodic harmonies echo memories of times gone by and this is highly reflected in this Number 1 single.  Popular for its sound effects, it was also remembered for its appearance on the classic British series 'Only Fools and horses'.
As a recommendation for McCartney Virgins, I would select Monkberry Moon Delight, Eat At Home and Smile Away. Full of humour, hints of Sir Paul’s rock and roll foundations and intensely tuneful. 

Shamefully this is my first time listening to this album, but I cannot wait to upload this onto my i-pod, so that on a rainy day in this British summer time, I have something to brighten my day. This album is a must-have classic and emotionally beautiful. My verdict is 10/10 and how could it not be? 

Track Listing

Too Many People 4:11
3 Legs 2:48
Ram On 2:31
Dear Boy 2:15
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 4:55
Smile Away 3:53
Heart Of The Country 2:24
Monkberry Moon Delight 5:26
Eat At Home 3:23
Long Haired Lady 6:05
Ram On 0:55
The Back Seat Of My Car 4:31
Another Day 3:42
Oh Woman, Oh Why 4:35


  1. Nice Review But the 10/10 rating is far too low -its a 11/ out of 10 for me, Despite Back Seat of My Car U.K single Bombing as a Single ? -- Its in my Top 3 of Sir .McCs solo albums ,for sure.

  2. It's absolutely a 10 out of 10. I wish people in the UK weren't always so hard on McCartney and always looking to attack him over everything. -- Drew

  3. I don't see anyone attacking Paul here! And I agree; definitely 10/10!