Friday 19 October 2012

A Piece of History at the Beatles' Barbers!

Thanks to the people at Tony Slavin's on Smithdown Place (the Penny Lane roundabout) for letting us share this photo.

They recently had a new shop sign fitted, and when they took the old one down, look what they found underneath!

The Beatles, of course, used to get their hair cut at Bioletti's and it's wonderful to have a glimpse of another piece of Beatles history!

The people at Tony Slavin's make visitors very welcome, so next time you're in the Penny Lane area, "stop and say hello!"

For more information on Tony Slavin's, visit the website at

1 comment:

  1. Surely they are missing a great business opportunity! Change the name back to Bioletti's and get some pics of Beatle hair cuts in the window. The American's would come flooding in to have their hair cut with the very scissors which once cut John's hair! OK, maybe not the scissors but come on!