Tuesday 30 October 2012

Memories of Love Me Do!

BBFC Members, John and Rose recently got in touch with us to share their memories of 1962.  It's always fabulous to hear the stories from the people who were there!  Thanks, John and Rose, for allowing us to share your memories on the website!

"We were members of the Cavern Club in 1962 and always went when the Beatles were on (3/6 to get in). They told us that they were going to make a record called Love Me Do, and asked us all to buy it. I ordered it from a market record stall and as the market was on a Thursday they got it for me the day before it was officially released being the Friday, so I have always hoped that I had the very first record of the Beatles to be sold. I will never part with it of course.

Not John and Rose's original, but the anniversary
edition of Love Me Do issued by EMI in 2012

We will never forget the magical Cavern and the wonderful groups who appeared, the Beatles were always the most popular. The girls who sat on the chairs in front of the stage uses to go wild. We used to sit in an alcove on the right of the stage. I remember that the sweat used to pour down John's face when he belted out "Twist and Shout".

We used to have a Coke with them at the little bar at the back of the Club.

Good times gone forever but "We were there!"

John & Rose

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