Tuesday 19 February 2013

Latest News from the Hard Day's Night Hotel

Latest Statement From the Hard Day's Night Hotel:

Fire at the Hard Day's Night Hotel on February 14
c. Donna Jackson
The management team at Hard Days Night Hotel has made a conscious decision to keep all 110 rooms closed until week commencing March 4. The cause of the fire is still unknown and investigations are still being made with the co-operation of the fire service. Our number one priority is our guests and we will endeavour to do everything we can to put them first.

Blakes Restaurant, Bar Four and our Lounge will continue to operate as normal as well as our function rooms located on the ground floor.

General Manager Mike Dewey said: "We have been overwhelmed with the support that we have received - not just from those in the city, but from all over the world. I would also like to thank all of the team here at the hotel for their hard work and commitment since last Thursday's incident as they have continued to exceed our guests' expectations by holding a number of functions and events, including a wedding, in the past few days."

The Fire Service attempting to bring the blaze under control.
c. Mark Ashworth

In addition to the latest official statement from the hotel management team, we heard some good news when we were at the hotel today.  News of the damage caused by the fire has varied widely in the various reports, and while it is true that the fire caused extensive damage in the McCartney Suite on the 5th floor, and that the Lennon Suite (immediately beneath the McCartney suite on the 4th floor) suffered quite severely from water damage, neither was completely destroyed as some reports have claimed.  Indeed, we were told that the suit of armour from the McCartney Suite, and the white piano from the Lennon Suite, were saved.  In addition, most of Shannon's beautiful paintings, even some of those within the suites, seem to have suffered no serious or irreparable effects from the fire.  

The staff have been working around the clock to ensure that the hotel continues to serve its guests to the very highest standards, even within the constraints imposed by the fire's aftermath.  Their response and attitude further reflects the high standards and commitment to customer service that makes staying at the hotel so very special.

We at the BBFC eagerly await the day when the hotel is able to re-open fully, and we would like to express our thanks and support to everyone at the hotel at this difficult and exacting time.

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