Sunday 21 April 2013

The Beatles - Young and Reckless in Hamburg Film

For the past 6 months we, Future Artists, have been throwing around ideas for our latest project: a documentary following the early career of The Beatles in the Reeperbahn of Hamburg. We’ve had a positive response so far and have managed to build up a community of fans and followers who have not only given us support, but have helped us develop the idea itself. As well as Beatle fans we’ve been in contact with multiple Hamburg-Beatles experts from around the world, such as Spencer Leigh, Eric Krasker and Hans Olof Gottfridsson (all authors of Hamburg-Beatles related books).

We’re planning on part-funding these early stages of the film via a Crowdfunding campaign which can be found at:

Here you’ll find a selection of perks up for sale such as:

- Digital, DVD and Bluray copies of the film
- Copies of Hamburg Beatles Caricature drawn by Mark Rehkopf
- Signed copies of Eric Kraskers book ‘The Beatles - Fact and Fiction’
- The chance to be an extra in the film!

All contributions above $10 also receive their name in the credits of the film!

The money made from these perks will part-fund the initial stages of the production, any help you can give us so early on in this film-making process will go a long way, and so will be much appreciated!
Thank you - Beatles Hamburg team, Future Artists

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