Saturday 27 April 2013


Two entries from America will be staged in The Ticket to Write Festival for Beatles-themed plays making this year’s contest a truly international event.

Three of the eight fifteen-minute plays selected to be performed at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre on July 30th have been penned by Merseyside writers.

The author of the best play, as judged by theatre professionals and votes from the audience, will win £150.
“We’ve been very pleased with the entries and the enthusiasm shown by the writers in this, our second year,” said Jamie Gaskin, Festival Director.

For 2013 four of the plays selected focus on George Harrison to mark the 70th anniversary of his birth. The other four are general pieces about the Fab Four.

Those chosen (in alphabetical order):
·         Beatlemania, by Maureen Johnson, Ohio, USA (General entry)
·         Darren and George, by Phil McNulty, Southport, Merseyside (George entry)
·         Digital Age, by Chris Jenkins, Ince Blundell, Merseyside (General entry)
·         Double Fantasy, by Paul McGuire, Ainsdale, Southport, Merseyside (George entry)
·         Happy Birthday, by Martin Drury, Bromsgrove (George entry)
·         The Night I Met George, by Margaret Histed, Brockenhurst, Hampshire (George entry)
·         Vulgar Numbskulls, by Tom Glover, Fleetwood, Hampshire (George entry)
·         When I Got Home, by Trevor Boelter, Valley Village, California, USA (General entry)

To help fund this venture, which not only allows new writers to parade their work but also local actors to showcase their talents, a benefit night is being held at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool on Thursday 27th June.
A fun night of music, quizzes, entertainment and supper all for £10!

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