Monday 22 July 2013

Amazing Experiece for Two Oxford 'Beatle' Graduates!

Last year, we brought you news of a week-long summer school programme offered by the University of Oxford: "The Beatles, Popular Music and Sixties Britain".  We were delighted, therefore, when we received this email from David Beard, the Academic Director and Programme Director for the Oxford Experience Summer School, telling us of the amazing time that two graduates of the programme experienced!:
Two Oxford Experience students who had studied “The Beatles, Popular Music and Sixties Britain” with Rikky Rooksby attended the the Paul McCartney sound test at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 29, 2013 got the experience of their lives when they were invited up onto the stage to meet Paul.

Charles and Sherry Heard had held up a sign saying "We studied Beatles at Oxford - Please sign our diplomas"

Paul announced "Right, here we have, straight from Oxford, straight from their exams, come on, then, let's see this. I wanna see if this is official. I'm not sure I believe this even yet! Let me see. (takes the diploma) Thank you. (reads the diploma)

"University of Oxford, Christ Church, Oxford. Sherry Childress-Heard... interesting there, and Charles Heard. Oh! Very wonderful. Well, they studied Beatles!”

Paul added, "Well, anyone who studies The Beatles at Oxford is a friend of mine." Then he signed their certificates and said "And now, I confer upon you the honor of 'Beatle.'"

Rikky Rooksby will be teaching the course “The Beatles, Popular Music and Sixties for Oxford Experience 2014 from 20 to 26 July.  

For more information on how to enrol for this course in 2014 (all the places for this summer are -- unsurprisingly -- taken), visit the website at

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