Thursday 25 July 2013

Paul Attends LIPA Graduation in Liverpool Today!

Mark Ronson arrives to be inducted as the latest LIPA Fellow
c. Donna Jackson

Mike McCartney arriving
c. Donna Jackson

Paul arriving and faced, as usual, by autograph
c. Donna Jackson

Paul paused to wave at the crowd before
going in for the Graduation ceremony
c. Donna Jackson

Paul fighting his way through the crowds after
the ceremony!
c. Donna Jackson

c. Donna Jackson

NB: All photos are used here with the kind permission of the copyright holder.  Please DO NOT download or reproduced without the express permission of Donna Jackson and the British Beatles Fan Club.

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  1. How Great is it that even after all these years Sir Paul Finds time ( + In the Middle of a tour) to attend Our Graduation day at L.I.P.A .Even way back when Linda was ill he got here for it , Shows you his dedication to this Great project and also his home City .Nice !~ snap of brother Mike in his summer suit , Always looking smart at any events , How Proud Jim + Mary Would be of ALL of the McCartney Clan Now !