Wednesday 14 August 2013

Alumni of the MA in Beatles, Popular Music and Society (Liverpool Hope University) Starts 'Beatles' Business

Hope University prepared me with the skills to create my own business

Melissa Davis (USA) (Alumni of the MA Beatles, Popular Music and Society course)

I fell in love with the Beatles on February 9, 1964 when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time, and they became an important part of my life – my fiancĂ© and I even changed our wedding date so that we could see Wings! So, when the MA course was announced, it was something I instantly wanted to do. Had I known how many applicants there would be from all over the world, I might have thought twice about applying, so I was delighted to be accepted.

It was a wonderful experience to study the Beatles in their hometown, to see what they had seen, of course, but also just to get to know Liverpudlians on an everyday basis – grocery shopping, going to the post office, celebrating Christmas… becoming a part of life in the city.

Dr. Brocken divided the course into what we would call classes in the US, but are modules dealing with research, musicology, history and context. Any expectation that we would be sitting around in pubs swapping stories about the Fab Four were quickly dispelled as we did intensive reading, research and writing in each of those areas of study. The tutorials were invaluable opportunities to go deeper into a subject, get assistance when needed (semiotic musical analysis!), clarify and focus research. I can honestly say that much of the reading was every bit as challenging as any class I had in law school and just as rewarding.

Melissa Davis now runs the Beatle Works Ltd which is a unique publishing house provoking scholarly research and writing on the impact of The Beatles on music, culture and society.

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