Thursday 12 September 2013

Heritage Open Days in Woolton - this weekend!

As part of Heritage Day, various places in Woolton will be open for visitors this weekend!

St Peter's Church and Church Hall will be open on Saturday, and Woolton Baths, where John and Paul both went swimming as boys, is open from Thursday to Saturday!

At St Peter's:

  • See inside the beautiful Church where John sang in the choir
  • See the war memorial plaque that bears the name of John's uncle
  • Go inside the Church Hall and stand on the spot where John and Paul were first introduced by Ivan Vaughan
  • See a photographic display of the day that John and Paul met, and also a collection from a childhood friend of Paul's that is on display FOR THE FIRST TIME!

 At Woolton Baths you will be able to see:
  • The (sadly) empty pool (safety barrier kindly supplied by Paragon Construction Group and Kings Scaffolding)
  • An vivid and varied display of: the really creative 120th Birthday card projects by pupils in three Woolton primary schools; 120th Birthday cards from far and wide
  • A historic display: the Baths , former fire station/ stables, and former ‘ private ‘wash baths’/ ‘slipper baths’.
  • Memories about Lennon and Mc Cartney who both swam at Woolton when young; a TV film ‘re-enactment’ on screen of the young Lennon swimming in the pool (from BBC’s Great Britons series)
  • Memories of users of the private ‘wash baths’/ ‘slipper baths’.

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